Monday, October 24, 2016

Halloween 2016 Do’s and Don’ts for Virginia’s Registered Sex Offenders

Halloween 2016 is next Monday! 

What Can and Can't Registered Sex Offenders (RSO’s) in Virginia legally do on and around the holiday? 

In Virginia there are NO State or Local Laws prohibiting RSO’s from participating in Halloween activities.
RSO’s  Can:
  1. Have their front door/porch lights on
  2. Decorate their door/home/yard
  3. Accompany their children, grand-children, step-children, step-grandchildren, siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins or ANY child trick-or-treating (but not at a school-sponsored event or at a daycare facility)
  4. Answer their own door and hand out candy
  5. Wear a costume
  6. Attend Halloween parties / events (but not at a school-sponsored event or at a daycare facility)
BUT, if the RSO is under Virginia’s Department of Correction Probation Supervision then there MAY be restrictions specific to THOSE RSO’s that they MUST follow or face a Probation Violation (a felony). These VA-DOC Halloween programs are known as Operation Trick-Not-Treat AND Operation Porch-Lights-Out. 

Each VA-DOC Probation District handles Halloween differently and they are obligated to advise the RSO ahead of time of their restrictions or requirements which could include:
  • No decorations outside the RSO’s home or apartment
  • No exterior/door lights on from 5pm to 5am
  • Being “locked-down” inside their home from 5pm to 5am (you can not leave your home or answer your door)
  • A mandate to attend “round-up” a Probation or Counseling meeting where the RSO may be required to submit to alcohol and/or drug testing, to watch a video or discuss their conviction (from 4pm to 9pm, trick or treating hours).
  • A sign posted on the RSO’s front door with an image of a pumpkin and text stating No Candy Here
All under the threat of being violated if the Probationer does not comply. 

The VA-DOC Probation Officer could also stop by the RSO’s home to confirm they have followed the rules that District advised them of before October 31st. 

Of course not being able to have any exterior lights on your home/property on the biggest days of the year that teenagers are looking for someone to vandalize, the VA-DOC is setting our RSO’s up to be targets of vigilantes. 

The VA-DOC claims it supports the successful re-entry of former-offenders BACK into our communities and that they want to remove barriers but yet ALL empirical research on this issue over the last 15 years has concluded that Halloween is no more dangerous a day than any other day of the year for our children OR for RSO’s to reoffend. 

These two VA-DOC programs are sold as a preventive measure, prevention is a noble goal but there is no crystal ball of future crimes or future perpetrators. The VADOC touts these programs every year with media-releases as a success, so in actuality the VA-DOC is perpetuating the urban myth that everyone on our Registry is a dangerous Predator lying in wait for a child to enter into their trap. Before these VA-DOC programs existed (and since) there has NOT been one case of a Registered Sex Offender abducting, molesting or killing someone on Halloween. It’s 100% State-sponsored propaganda. 

Now, for those RSO’s who are NOT under VA-DOC supervision. 

In past years the Virginia State Police has partnered with the U.S. Marshal’s to do one of the two annual residential compliance checks for ANY RSO. They’ve done these on the day before Halloween, the day of and the day after. Your VSP Compliance Officer or Trooper could show up with an entourage in flak-jackets and with guns on their hips………to intentionally make a scene in front of your entire neighborhood, under the guise of “public safety”.  

I’ve heard from numerous parents, spouses and offenders over the years and when these U. S. Marshal lead compliance checks occur on the actual holiday it creates a terrible atmosphere for the kids in the residence, the holiday spirit is squashed and can NOT be revived.  

As an RSO, if you are NOT under VA-DOC Probation and you are NOTWanted”, then you are NOT legally required to let the VSP Compliance Officer/Trooper OR U.S. Marshal’s enter your residence. Also if you were convicted in Virginia, still reside in Virginia AND are NOT “Wanted” then you are under NO obligation to answer any questions by U.S. Marshal’s.  

The Federal authorities ONLY have authority over RSO’s who were convicted under Federal law, in a Military Court, for those who are “Wanted” and for those who have moved outside the State where they were originally convicted and required to registered.  

Friday, October 14, 2016

Virginia Budget Crisis Means it's Time to Consider Some VSP Registry Reform in 2017

Dear Virginia Delegates, Senators and Administration, 

Good morning. 

According to yesterdays news the Virginia State Police are facing a budget crisis. 

Troopers 'fleeing' the department, state police association says

McAuliffe budget cuts include 26 layoffs, set stage for new bid to expand Medicaid
The moves also will replace $5.5 million in general funds for state police with money from four special funds, including one earmarked for technology upgrade of the sex offender registry.

On Tuesday I sent you all an email reminding you that in 2015 the VSP Registered Sex Offender certified letters cost $10.48 each, 55,757 were mailed-out at a cost of $584,333 JUST for the postage per year.  Also that I’ve been proposing for a few years now, to eliminate these wasteful USPS letters, but so far no Virginia Legislator has been willing to propose the needed legislation because of Virginia Code.  

Today I am re-emailing you a second proposal I’ve been making for a few years that would reduce the annual cost (2015- $8.4 Mil) of the VSP Registry. 

It would be to allow the approximate 17% of the VSP Registry who are classified as Non-Violent to be automatically removed on their 15th anniversary instead of requiring them to hire an attorney, 2 therapists and file a court petition that would be opposed by the Commonwealth’s Attorney and VSP which would most likely be denied by the judge because no one wants to sign-off on the removal of an RSO from the VSP Registry.  

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Waiting for VSP Re-Registration Letter to Arrive and Only 7 Business Days to Comply with Virginia Law or Face a Felony Charge for Originally a Misdemeanor Conviction

Dear Virginia Delegates, Senators and Administration, 

Good evening. 

As many of you may remember from past years October is re-registration month for my husband who is a Non-Violent Registered Sex Offender on the VSP Registry and with that come all the what if’s. This year (every 2 years) his VSP photograph is due to be renewed those of you in office back in 2013 may remember my email to all of you titled The VSP refused to take my husbands photograph today which was not a pleasant experience. I go with him every year to see how our RSO’s are being treated and 2013 was a very bad year for the VSP for a check-up. 

The Virginia State Police mail out USPS certified letters every 30, 90 or 180 days OR annually (Non-Violent RSO’s) to those listed on the VSP Registry depending on their conviction and/or if they have any failures-to-register.  

In 2015 these VSP letters cost $10.48 each, 55,757 were mailed-out at a cost of $584,333 JUST for the postage.  

I’ve been proposing for a few years now, to eliminate these wasteful USPS letters, but so far no Virginia Legislator has been willing to propose the needed legislation because of Virginia Code.  

When the USPS delivery-person does have the letter they may or may not bother coming up to the door to see if the RSO is home to get the mandated signature. Only the RSO can sign for the certified-letter (not their spouse, parent, child or room-ate), so if the RSO is at work the letter sits at the local Post Office waiting to be picked up (during working hours). 

So by our estimates he has until October 20, 2016 to re-register or face a felony per Virginia statute. Remember the VSP Barracks hours of operation are Mon-Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm (during working hours for most RSO’s), no evenings no weekends and no holidays AND per VSP Policy without the USPS certified letter in-hand an RSO is NOT allowed to re-register OR submit to being photographed. 

According to a 2009 FOIA I submitted to the State Police we know that the certified letters are computer generated, in the event of a weekend or holiday the letters are printed AFTER, not before and they are taken to the Post Office 10-12 days prior to the due date, no adjustments are made for weekends or holidays and a due date could land on a weekend or a holiday 

So it’s 7:30PM on October 11th and our mail delivery has not yet arrived and yesterday was a holiday, Columbus Day. If our estimate of October 20th is correct that means ONLY 7 business days are left to receive the USPS letter (during business hours) AND to get to a VSP Barracks  (during business hours) for him to re-register OR he’ll face a felony charge. Let me remind you all he’s listed on the VSP Registry for a misdemeanor 

Monday, October 10, 2016

The Myth and the Propaganda of Halloween and Registered Sex Offenders Captured in Articles and Research since 2007


3 weeks from today is Halloween 2016 and in about 2 weeks I’ll post my annual Do’s and Don’ts list for RSO’s in Virginia on Halloween. 

Over the years of advocating for data-driven laws and reform here I’ve learned the worst time of year for Myth-Based and Hysteria-Driven articles, policies and laws is Halloween. Halloween can be more emotionally draining than the annual Virginia General Assembly in Richmond. 

So over the years I’ve also gathered all the sane and research-based articles and studies to send to local reporters when they produce a sensationalized article or video segment. 

Today I’m sharing these links (see below, oldest to newest) with you so in case you some how thought Halloween is a dangerous day for Registered Sex Offenders to be in our communities, you’ll now know that it’s all been propaganda. Policies and laws should be based on facts not urban legend. 

I’m hoping over the next 3 weeks there will be some new articles written that I can add to my list, so keep checking back on this post for newer publications. 

Mary Devoy

Past posts of articles on Halloween and Registered Sex Offenders:

Studies on Halloween and Registered Sex Offenders:

Friday, October 7, 2016

Action Item: Virginia is One of Only 6 States that Publicly Posts Registered Sex Offenders Employer/Company Name AND Full Address, Shaming Virginia Businesses and Increasing Unemployment

This post is Part 10 (the last) of If You Risk Nothing, You Gain Nothing….  series. 

#1 of my 28 Legislative Fixes (or Goals) has always been to remove the Employer information from the online Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry. Virginia Businesses are being punished / shamed for hiring Virginians listed on the VSP Registry because they are willing to contribute to the successful re-entry of former-offenders in Virginia. 

Virginia is one of only 6 States that publicly posts an RSO’s Employer/Company name AND full address. 

- 29 states do not list any employer information publicly; five of those States are Federal Adam Walsh Act AWA/SORNA compliant.
- 10 States publically post just the address; eight of those are AWA/SORNA compliant.
- 5 States post the city, county and/or zip code; 3 of those are AWA/SORNA compliant. 

In September 2013 Texas and in 2012 Kansas both removed ALL employment information from their public registries.  

Why? Because those 44 States & Congress recognize employment as a top priority in an ex-offender's successful reentry back into our communities. Without employment the rules of probation would be broken, court fines and restitution would not be paid and stable housing would be impossible. 

Removing the Employer Information from the Internet changes none of the Registration Requirements of Virginia's RSO’s.
1. RSO’s would continue to register ALL their employer information with the Virginia State Police (and their VA-DOC Probation Officer).
2. The Virginia State Police (and their VA-DOC Probation Officer) would still confirm that their place of employment does not violate any State Law AND they would still confirm that the RSO does actually work there.  

Action Item: For the Last 9 Years the Virginia Legislature and the State Police Have Intentionally Kept VA Code that is Impossible to Comply With. Ask Them to Finally Act in January 2017!

This post is Part 9 out of 10 of If You Risk Nothing, You Gain Nothing….  series that I started back in May. Where I select a few of my Legislative Goals for Virginia and ask you to take action on the ones that speak to you. 

#3 of my 28 Legislative Fixes (or Goals) has always been to get Virginia Code to align with Virginia State Police hours of operation / registration availability. Current Virginia Code conflicts with the reality of the access our RSO have to be able to comply (register, re-register or change data) with the VSP Registry mandates.  

Goal #3 has always had 2 parts and I am going to leave it that way in this post. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Virginia's Habeas Corpus, Writs of Actual Innocence, the Number of Governor Pardons Over the Lasts 7 Years AND the Sway Commonwealth’s Attorneys have with Virginia Legislators /Legislation

On Monday October 3rd I arrived to the second-half of the Virginia State Crime Commission meeting not because of any particular issue being discussed but because I was waiting for my last meeting of 2016 with a Virginia Legislator to begin. 

I sat through VI of the agenda (see above) to the end of the meeting. 

It was decided that the new 2016 VSCC Chairman is Virginia Delegate Rob Bell (running for VA Attorney General nominee in 2017) and the new VSCC Co-Chair is Virginia Senator Mark Obenshain. 

But I found the Habeus Corpus presentation and then the two public speakers to be the most interesting. 

A Habeas Corpus challenges the due process from a past conviction, NOT the proof of innocence. 

Also in Virginia with a Habeas Corpus filing EVERY issue must be raised in the 1st filing (unlike in many other states), otherwise all preceding files will be barred, In other words Virginia law mandates a defendant show all their cards at once, no surprises. Virginia has been called a “One Habeas State” because of this rule. 

In the presentation on slide #19 the last 7 years of Virginia Governor Pardons is tracked. In Virginia we have 3 kinds of Governor Pardons:
1.       Simple (A statement of official forgiveness; does not remove conviction from criminal record)
2.      Absolute (Allows for removal of conviction from criminal record)
3.      Conditional (Available only to incarcerated individuals; typically grants early release with conditions)  

Without an Absolute Pardon any sexual conviction that required registration as a Sex Offender, the pardoned person would STILL be mandated to register as a public Violent Sex Offender under threat of a new felony. 

I know of NO Absolute Pardon for an RSO (Registered Sex Offender) in Virginia 

Over the last 21 years of Sex Offender Registration in Virginia ONLY Conditional Pardons have been granted to a few RSO’s who then had to file a Writ of Actual Innocence (non biological evidence) to try and get the conviction wiped from their record and released from the mandate to register as a public Sex Offender. A few RSO’s have been successful with the Writ process but others have not and are still Registered Sex Offenders even though it appears they are actually innocent of the crime.  

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Why Creating a Misdemeanor Offense for Consensual Teen Sexting in Virginia is NOT an Option

In a meeting with a Virginia Legislator today they expressed their concern that Virginia juveniles are facing pornography charges but they favored creating a new misdemeanor crime instead of amending our current 4 Child Pornography Statutes.

That proposal is such a bad one for many reasons but the #1 reason is this. 

In the US anyone who has a sexual conviction in one State and then moves to another State could be required to Registered as a Sex Offender in that new State even if they didn’t in the original State. 

Let me explain. 

The Federal Adam Walsh Act and the Interstate Compact make it very clear that Registered Sex Offenders can not escape their requirement to register by moving to another State. 

If someone convicted of public urination in Florida or Alabama (which both requires registration as a Sex Offender) moves to Virginia even though Virginia doesn’t criminalize public urination as a registrable offense, they must continue to register while in Virginia and they are listed on the VSP Registry. 

It also goes the other way. 

If someone is convicted of a sexual crime let’s say in New Jersey that does NOT require registration as a Sex Offender but then moves to Virginia and the equivalent crime here DOES require registration we will place them on the VSP Registry. Now, if they are upset by this and they returned to New Jersey thinking they won’t be a Registered Sex Offender there because they weren’t originally, they’d be wrong. Because once they were placed on the Virginia Sex Offender Registry they are now obligated to register anywhere they move to, but if they had just stayed put in NJ then they wouldn’t be required to register. 

So........If Virginia makes consensual Sexting a crime of any sort (misdemeanor or felony) even if it doesn’t require registration as a Sex Offender here if they ever move to another State which is highly probable if that State does require registration as a Sex Offender for consensual Sexting or perhaps that State even claims that our misdemeanor is the equivalent to their felony child pornography, then that young person becomes a Registered Sex Offender and even if they return to Virginia hoping to be exempt, they wouldn’t be they would now be a Registered Sex Offender in all 50 States and have to do the minimum time-frame required before they could petition for removal if that is even an option in that State. 

In 2016 19.28% of the Virginia Legislature Has Met with Sex Offender Registry Reform Advocate

On a side note:
I haven’t posted in September until today just because I needed a break. 

For 8 years I have gone full-throttle as a volunteer advocate and this September I’ve been working on some home projects and just decided not to do any posts unless there was a major RSO issue that needed to be addressed, which there wasn’t. I did post news articles in the In the News page AND on my Twitter page @MaryDofVA almost daily for those of you watching the lower right menu Twitter feed. 

I’ll be back to posting weekly if not daily in October.


My husband and I met with another Virginia Senator today and we have one more Senator meeting scheduled next week and that will complete our Spring to Fall 2016 meeting requests 

Of the 14 requests to Virginia Delegates and Senators that I made, minus the two above:
  • 1 Delegate and 1 Senator Legislative Assistants advised me that because I was not a constituent the lawmaker would never meet w/ me. I’ve been trying to meet with both this Delegate and Senator for 8 years.
  • 1 Delegate and 2 Senator’s office completely ignored every request I made, never replying.
  • 1 Senator’s office advised me to schedule meeting during the 2017 session, which I will.
  • 1 Delegate and 1 Senator Legislative Assistants advised me that in the autumn the lawmakers would schedule a meeting with me. I explained to them that almost all of October and November would not be an option for us so I offered up numerous dates in August and September and the L.A.’s either turned down dates or let the clock run out without responding to me. I’ve been trying to meet with this Delegate for 8 years.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sexting Laws in 50 States

As readers may remember back on June 3, 2016 I posted an action item to amend Virginia’s Child Pornography statutes so teens who consensually ‘Sext” do NOT get charged with Producing, Possessing, Solicitation or Distributing Child Pornography by overzealous Commonwealth's Attorneys. 

There is some interest amongst Virginia Legislators to work on such a proposal in 2017 or 2018 but their hesitation at the moment is stronger than their interest. 

As with most proposals I’ve made over the years one of the first questions I’m asked by Legislators is...What are they doing in the other states? 

Well some States have made ‘Sexting’ a misdemeanor instead of a felony and that’s NOT a better solution. If there is no force, threat, intimidation, extortion or mass emailing/posting online of the images then I don’t believe any criminal charges should be filed. That’s why I believe an age-gap allowance like in Virginia’s Carnal Knowledge statute will make sure only age-appropriate relationships are excluded from prosecution for consensual Sexting. But I also don’t think 18, 19 and 20 year old in age-appropriate relationships should face criminal charges either and we need to include them in any Virginia Bill/proposal and that seems to be a sticking point for many Virginia Legislators. They usually don't want to see a 16 year old convicted who is in a relationship with a 14 or 13 year old ...............but they completely hesitate to protect any 18 or 19 year old who is in a relationship with a 16 or 17 year old, and they shouldn’t! 

I know when I was 16 and 17 years old I was dating 18, 19, and 20 year olds there isn’t anything wrong with that and those who attempt to spin similar relationships into a perverse acts need to look within and determine why do they view a 16 and a 19 year old or a 17 and a 20 year old dating, as predatory.

Age-gap proposals have been made by experts in the juvenile field. Some suggest a 3-year and some suggest a 4-year age gap being added to State Child Pornography statutes and none of them suggest we stop at the age of 17 (juveniles) to criminalize the 18, 19 or 20 year olds. 

Here are a few recent books on the topic:
·         Sexting and Young People by Thomas Crofts , M. Lee , A. McGovern and S. Milivojevic
·         Adolescent Sexual Behavior in the Digital Age: Considerations for Clinicians, Legal Professionals and Educators by Fabian Saleh, Albert Grudzinskas and Abigail Judge
·         Sexting Panic: Rethinking Criminalization, Privacy, and Consent (Feminist Media Studies) by Amy Adele Hasinoff
·         Sexting and Cyberbullying: Defining the Line for Digitally Empowered Kids by Shaneen Shariff
·         Refining Child Pornography Law: Crime, Language, and Social Consequences (Law, Meaning, and Violence) by Carissa Byrne Hessick 

So…..what do the other 49 States do when it comes to consensual teen Sexting?  

A Virginia Legislator did ask me this recently so as I’ve done with many other issues..... I went looking for the requested data….and I quickly found, no one had a complete or current list/chart for all 50 States. So as I have done many times before I decided to compile the data that's out there into one chart. The most important information I was looking for ‘age-gaps’ turned out to be non-existent. I don’t know if this means States are NOT using age-gaps OR if the data I was able to locate just doesn’t mention them.
Below is a 50 State Teen Sexting Chart, divided into 4 parts to fit on this blog. I am not claiming it’s perfect and I know it’s not complete. If anyone sees an error or has any updates for their State, please email me 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals Rules Michigan Sex Offender Restrictions ARE Punitive and Retroactive Laws Passed by Legislature DO Violate Ex Post Facto

If I hadn’t joined Twitter back in April I wouldn’t have seen Professor Corey Rayburn Yung’s tweets about this BIG decision today! 

A heads up to the Virginia Legislature! 

Today the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with two points I’ve been making for 8 years here in Virginia. Our Register Sex Offender restrictions (loitering, residency, employment, date changes, etc) are 100% punitive AND when the Legislature passes new RSO laws every year if the Legislature doesn't
include a start date so then the VSP applies them retroactively to existing RSO's that's a Constitutional violation!

The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals Ruled that:
  1. Michigan’s Sex Offender Restrictions ARE Punitive, not simply administrative
  2. Michigan’s Retroactive Laws against Registered Sex Offenders Passed by Legislature over the Years DO Violate Ex Post Facto

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Shame on Richmond Times Dispatch Reporter Ali Rockett! She Used VSP Registry Information that is Immaterial to the Issue to Hype His Story While Also Shaming a Virginia Business Who Hired an RSO

Update Post 08/18/16: 

Around 12 noon
The Daily Progress removed everything Sex Offender related from the online article including the employer but the print version that went out was the full RTD article. Still it's something.

Thank you Daily Progress!


The Daily Progress reprinted the RTD article Police: Sex offender led trooper on high-speed chase in Louisa so they received the same email from me this morning.

Original Post 08/17/16:

Ms. Ali Rockett, 

I read your article online State police ID motorcyclist who led trooper on high-speed chase in Louisa as sex offender from Surry early this morning and I’ve stewed about it for 6+ hours. It was Tweeted late last night and Facebooked two hours ago by RTD. 

I know nothing about Justin Eugene Abney. I am not defending him, his past convictions or his recent actions on his motorcycle in Louisa Co. It’s good that he’s been identified so he can be held accountable for his dangerous/reckless driving.

But two parts of your article are really bothering me. 

1. What does his posting on the VSP Registry have to do with being sought for a motorcycle incident? If you were able to determine he had been convicted of an assault, robbery, drug, DUI or even murder back in 2005, would you have felt the need to include that in your recent RTD article? I am actually thinking you wouldn’t have. But because the VSP Registry is right there w/ all the details, you thought what the heck ‘Sex Offender’ in my title will catch more reader’s attention.  

His conviction in 2005 has nothing to do with the on-going issue in Louisa and including it in your piece was pure sensationalism. 

2. Why did you feel the need to post his employers information?  

Did you know that only 6 States in the entire U.S. post the employer/company name and the full address of their RSO’s online and that Virginia is one of those 6?


Friday, August 12, 2016

VA-DMV Fails to Prepare for New Law (2016's SB666/HB1190) So I Might be Required to Pay Late-Fee, My Husband Could Face a Felony & 13 Other Virginians Will be Humiliated

Because the Virginia DMV failed to prepare for the new law that passed through the Virginia Legislature unanimously passed I might be looking at a late-fee, my husband could be facing a felony and 13 other Virginians will be publicly humiliated or unnecessarily enraged in the near future. 

  • On March 1, 2016 Virginia Governor McAuliffe signed SB666-Senator Dick Black into law.
  • On March 11, 2016 Virginia Governor McAuliffe signed HB 1190-Delegates Tag Greason/Marcus Simon into law.
Ø       This new law prohibits the Virginia DMV from issuing to Registered Sex Offenders special license plates relating to children or children's programs or with revenues paid to funds for the benefit of children or renewing the registration for a vehicle that has been issued such license plates.

  • The Virginia DMV knew 4 months before they became law on July 1, 2016 of the 19,869 Children’s Charity Specialty License Plates in circulation 14 were owned or co-owned to someone listed on the Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry.
  • On Thursday July 14, 2016 I received my VA-DMV registration renewal for my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee which is due in August. My husband is a co-owner and he is a Non-Violent RSO. The DMV renewal I received was standard so I went ahead and paid the fee mailing it off on July 20th. I expected one of two things to occur.
    1. I’d get a letter in the mail any day stating that my renewal was sent in error because my husband is an RSO and it would explain what  SB666 and HB 1190 meant in regards to my current Kid’s First Specialty Plate and that I’d be receiving a standard-plate in the mail before the end of August unless I wanted to select a new specialty-plate at a DMV location.
    2. I’d receive a standard Virginia license plate and be told it replaces my Kid’s First Specialty Plate on September 1st because my Kid’s First Specialty Plate had been revoked since  SB666 and HB 1190 had become law on July 1st  AND there’d be a refund for the difference in cost for a standard-plate and a specialty-plate.
  • Three weeks passed since I mailed off my VA-DMV renewal and payment, no letters, no replacement plate and no phone calls.
  • On Friday August 12th I received a letter (it’s above) dated August 5th and post-marked August 9th that included my payment and my completed re-registration form. The letter said I must select a new License Plate BUT it did not give ANY explanation why. There is no notation of the new Virginia law banning Registered Sex Offenders from owning a License Plate that benefits a Children’s Charity.  But the letter does tell me that if I don’t select a new plate before the end of August I will be responsible for a $10 late fee. 

The VA-DMV had 4 months to figure out who the 14 license plates belonged to and when their next re-registrations were due before the law took effect, but they didn’t.