Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Virginia’s Registered Sex Offenders CAN Evacuate to an Emergency Shelter in a Hurricane

Just a reminder.

ALL (Non-Violent and Violent) Virginia RSO's (who are not under VADOC- Probation) CAN legally evacuate to a Virginia Emergency Shelter in a Hurricane or Flood.

BUT if you are currently under VADOC supervision you MUST check-in with your Probation Officer first, unfortunately they can tell you no.

If you do enter a Virginia Emergency Shelter for a temporary stay there is no legal requirement to register that location with the authorities because it is NOT your permanent address. There is also no legal requirement that you declare your RSO status to any employee of a local Shelter. But if a Shelter is being run by an organization like the Salvation Army or the Red Cross ( they could possibly have a policy banning RSO’s, if you ignore that policy you are not breaking the law BUT you could be ejected when they learn of your status.

Zone A in Virginia is under a mandatory evacuation order for Hurricane Florence which if ignored can carry a Class 1 Misdemeanor charge with a $2,500 fine and up to one year in jail if enforced.

Stay Safe.

Mary Davye Devoy

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Virginia Department of Corrections Community-Based (Probation) Status Report 2018: Registered Sex Offenders Treatment, GPS Monitoring, Polygraphs and SVP Conditional Releases

The annual Virginia Department of Corrections Status Report for 2018 is now posted online.

In 2017 VADOC recidivism rate was 23.4% and in 2018 it dropped a full percent to

The VADOC has not tracked the recidivism rate of Registered Sex Offenders under Probation supervision since 2012.

The VADOC has not tracked the number of absconded Registered Sex Offenders under Probation supervision since 2012.

In 2017 VADOC supervised 64,679 people under Probation and Parole services in 2018 it dropped by 1.25% to 63,868. Of that total VADOC Probation population in 2017 3,909 were Registered Sex Offenders in 2018 it dropped by 5.09% to 3,710 RSO’s.

In 2017 VADOC spent $82,658 741 on Probation and Parole services in 2018 it increased by 2.85% to $85,011,303 even though the number of people decreased.

Sex Offender Assessment / Treatment:

Back in 2009 the VADOC had 25 Contracts /Vendors for Sex Offenders Assessment / Treatment. Every year the number has decreased to be just 9 in 2018. In 2009 the VADOC Sex Offender allocation was $1,366,900 and 10 years later it’s still somehow $1,367,000.

Sex Offender GPS:

From 2009 to 2012 the number of GPS leg-units on Registered Sex Offenders was unknown. In 2013 it was 436, in 2017 555 and in 2018 it’s 657 that’s a 18.38% increase in one year.

In 2009 the VADOC GPS monitoring of Registered Sex Offenders cost $2,001,994 in 2018 it’s now $4,261,281 for a total of $34,923,546 over last 10 years.

Sex Offender Polygraphs:

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

In 2019 Virginia Needs to Study the Efficacy of the Virginia Sex Offender Registry and All the Legal Restrictions, Regulations and Mandates

This morning:

1.  I deleted the 2018 Virginia General Assembly page because Bills for the 2019 General Assembly session are already being filed and I’ll start a new 2019 VA GA page in the next month or so. If anyone needs the information from the 2018 VA GA page or earlier VA GA pages just email me.

2. I’ve rewritten the Mission/Goals page , there are now 14 ½ Goals plus my main priority for the 2019 General Assembly session (image above).

Please contact your one Virginia Delegate and one Virginia Senator TODAY and ask them to Patron/Sponsor the Study Bill for the 2019 Virginia General Assembly! Also ask The Virginia Administration to support it!

Thank you!

Mary Davye Devoy

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

50 States of Registered Sex Offenders. Public v. Private Registries, Adults v. Juveniles, Classification System, Duration of Registration, Re-Registration Timeframe, Visiting Another State and Much More

After I initially posted the below I heard from a few folks.

1. Visiting in North Carolina is complicated and it varies from county to county, so please keep that in mind.

As for employer information being posted:
2. Oklahoma in the last 2 years (became AWA complaint on February 28, 2017) now posts all employer information.
3. Wyoming has a "more addresses" section and employers addresses (not company names) are listed now.

So I will be updating my spreadsheets to reflect these changes so keep in mind the below has not been revised.

I also found an article about North Dakota that I need to follow up on to confirm the data I have is still current.

If anyone sees anything that is incorrect please email me and I'll follow-up on the information you send and if the chart needs to be revised I will do so.


Original Post:
I maintain a very large chart of how all 50 States register "Sex Offenders" that is too wide and too long to post on Blogger.

Recently I updated the chart because of new laws passed in Nevada and Missouri that's when I realized I had not noted changes in Oregon or California.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

10 Years of Articles and Op/Ed’s, Here’s Some of Them

Every few years I get reflective about this advocacy, kind of like every March-May after I’ve finished a General Assembly session, I consider quitting all together. Some years I’ve come a lot closer to giving up than other years but it always happens to some degree.

These last 10 years and 10 Virginia General Assembly Sessions have been a real learning experience.
Not only am I a volunteer advocate for Smart Sex Offender Reform but I’ve become the spokesperson for THE most hated group in society.

I've been shouted down, shamed and ignored by so many Virginia Delegates and Senators (current and past) publicly, privately and in print, most people would have walked away.

Defense is the majority of what I do, but offense is very, very necessary.


Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Sex Offender Advocates Can Not Be Against EVERYTHING, They Must Offer Solutions for the Recidivists

A few days ago, on Twitter I got into a discussion with NARSOL.

They saw my Smarter Virginia Registry brochure tweet
with a few of my goals listed and decided to tweet that THEY want ALL/ONLY Private Registries in every state, which has never been nor will ever be a goal of mine.

In the end we agreed to disagree.

NARSOL wants all private registries and I believe those who test high on the risk scale, those who have 2 or more (at separate times, years apart) sexual convictions or who were once civilly committed as an SVP should be on a public registry for 20 years to life. BUT, their employer shouldn’t be listed online, they shouldn’t have any residency restrictions, if they have children (who were not their victims) they should be able to participate in their lives including attending school performances and graduations, they should be able to drop their children off at sporting events or watch them play at a park, they should be able to travel internationally, they should be allowed to apply for Small Business Loans, they should be able to access SNAP benefits (if needed) and so on.

I still don’t know for sure who monitors the NARSOL Twitter account it may be Sandi or Brenda or even Robin.

Then yesterday
NARSOL did a post on their website about civil commitment in Virginia and the case of a Virginia man who used to advocate for Registry abolishment and was rearrested back in April 2016 for a Probation violation of contacting minors. This is his 3rd crime involving minors. The NARSOL post includes the 2011 JLARC report and how the Static 99 test is used, etc. All points that I have been writing about for 10 years and that I have stood in front of the Virginia Crime Commission as well as the Virginia House and Senate Courts of Justice Committees and have discussed and opposed new expansions.

If NARSOL had not used this man’s case as an example against SVP civil commitment in Virginia then I wouldn’t have cared one bit, because we don’t agree on many points. And if it was another state about someone I don’t know again I wouldn't care. But it is my State, it’s a program that I am very familiar with and it IS someone I know. Because NARSOL included this man’s case all sort of supporters (as in years past) called his case a travesty and unfair and even seem to believe he and his family are victims.

Two years ago,
when he was arrested I swore I’d never mention his name again but because authors like Judith Levine and advocates like Wayne Bowers of CURE-SORT not to mention NARSOL refuse to admit this person is an unrepentant danger to society I'm taking the issue head on.

Advocates for Sex Offender Registry reform, for ALL Private lists as well as for abolishment all reference the extremely low recidivism rates of Registered Sex Offenders. Which is 100% factual we should promote the low re-offense rate. BUT as advocates we MUST acknowledge there are recidivists who will continue to offend, so what do we do with them?
Most Registry advocates are against the follow:
  1. Naming and Shaming w/ the SO Registries
  2. Mandatory Minimum prison sentences
  3. Life in Prison without parole
  4. Civil Commitment of SVP’s
  5. GPS monitoring
  6. Lifetime Probation
If you are against all 6 of these points what do we do with the recidivists?

As a SOR Advocate you can’t ask Legislators to roll back laws and punishments completely and not give a viable option for the recidivists, you just can’t. Yet that’s what NARSOL wants.

On Twitter yesterday someone asked them:
Serious question, @NationalRSOL, and not meant as trolling: How would you propose to keep the public safe from individuals such as Mr. Baughman? Because you got me to view his story, and now I’m almost FOR civil commitment!
Whoever monitors the NARSOL Twitter account replied with this:
Just as with anyone who commits any crime; when he has been convicted of the crime, bring about appropriate punishment, including prison time. When/if he is convicted of another crime, more and longer prison time.

So, NARSOL is AOK w/ Galen Baughman committing a 4th offense, a 5th offense and so on. This means there’d be a 4th victim and a 5th victim and so on and with Galen’s history they wouldn’t be adults, but they’d be juveniles. This is unacceptable and I truly cannot believe NARSOL has taken a stance that would create more victims.

So what has Galen been caught doing in the past?

Galen Baughman’s criminal history is in a November 2011 Associated Press article so it's already public info.
  • At age 14 Galen Baughman pleaded guilty for aggravated sexual battery for sexual contact with a 9-year-old. He also pleaded guilty to obscenity for sending another teenager a lewd photo.
  • In 2004 at age 19 Galen pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual battery and carnal knowledge with a 14-year-old
  • Then Galen waited in Alexandria VA jail from the end of his prison sentence in November 2009 until the Spring of 2012 when he avoided being civilly committed as a Sexually Violent Predator at the VCBR by the Virginia Attorney General.
Fast forward to April 2016:
  • At the age of 31 while under VADOC Probation supervision Galen was texting/communicating with a 16-year-old and was arrested for violating Probation. Since then he has been sitting in an Alexandria jail, not a prison and is now (August 2018) being considered for SVP civil commitment by the Virginia Attorney General.
Galen has offended against a minor 3 times in 17 years, twice as an adult.

He’s been given 2 chances for rehabilitation and he is still seeking out juveniles.

Galen IS a recidivist.

Galen needs intensive Sex Offender treatment and he needs to be separated from all minors.

The options for Galen in 2018 are life in prison or SVP civil commitment.

This is why advocates can NOT be against everything!
I am against mandatory minimums, judges should be able to take the evidence in each case and hand down an appropriate sentence based on the facts of the case and the people involved.

I am against the expansion of crimes that the Virginia SVP Civil Commitment has done over the years.

I am against the Static 99 targeting young homosexual males.

I am against first-time offenders (unless the crime was especially brutal/heinous) being civil committed after they’ve served their prison sentence.

I am against many of the policies and practices of the VCBR (facility where Virginia SVP’s are housed/treated).

I am against polygraphs being used in the treatment or probation of Virginia RSO’s.

And this list goes on.

BUT, I am not against life without parole for adults who have 2 or more (at separate times, years apart) sexual convictions.

AND I am not against civil commitment for adults who have 2 or more (at separate times, years apart) sexual convictions. They were given a second chance and they threw it away and they victimized more people.

This week I’ve been working on my meeting agendas with Virginia Delegates and Senators for scheduled appointments that I already have and for those I hope to have. I’ll be proposing Bills for 2019 and future ideas for smart Sex Offender reform in Virginia. I can and will separate the 90-94% who will never reoffend from the 6-10% of recidivists. I have to because if I don’t then that means I don’t care about public safety or preventing new victims, and I do.

Smart Advocates can NOT only care about those listed on the Sex Offender Registries, they must consider all of society.

Smart Advocates can NOT deny recidivists exist, they do AND solutions MUST be implemented and supported that separate them from those who will never reoffend.

Smart Advocates can NOT be opposed to EVERY type of punishment, containment and monitoring for those who have reoffended.

I take this stance proudly and I’m sorry if you don’t agree.

Mary Davye Devoy

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Action Item: Please Take 20 Minutes This Week to Make 2 Phone Calls or Send 2 Email’s to Help Us Get Smart RSO Legislation Sponsored at the 2019 Virginia General Assembly Session

For 10 Virginia General Assembly sessions I have opposed myth-based, hate-driven “Sex Offender” Bills from becoming law.

I have requested start dates to be added to Bills that would have been applied retroactively and I regularly point out the fiscal costs of the VSP SO Registry and the lack of notification of changes in the SO laws to those who face a felony if they unwittingly violate it.

I have stood alone and opposed Bills that most people would be too scared to do publicly because they could be wrongly accused of being pro-pedophile or pro-baby rapist.

I’d estimate that more than 90% of the Bills I’ve opposed over the last 10 years and/or asked for amendments to be filed had absolutely nothing to do with my husband, I opposed them or I looked for fixes to lessen the collateral damage because it was the smart and the right thing to do.

But that doesn’t stop some folks on social media from regularly claiming I only lobby for changes to help my husband or that I’m a selfish advocate who hasn’t made any positive steps forward in 10 years. Or most recently claiming on Twitter that I'm a liar, I'm a scammer and calling me juvenile names. But I just press on in this very important work.

I could list all the Bills that were proposed and that I opposed that never became law in Virginia and I can tell you it would be a long list, but I won’t.

All you have to do is go back to the video recordings of the 2018 Virginia General Assembly and see who showed up to publicly oppose the hateful RSO Bills both in the House and in the Senate, it was me and no one else.

Over the years I’ve even gotten some “good” Bills proposed and a couple of them actually passed through their first chamber but were then killed in the Virginia House Courts of Justice Criminal Sub-Committee.
They were:
If these Bills had become law they would have benefited every RSO, not some, ALL. Now were they earth shattering Bills that would have made sweeping changes? No, they weren’t but we have to start small and work our way up. Once a Legislator has a success or two with small RSO Bills they’ll be more likely to take on the more controversial issues.

Every Virginia General Assembly session my husband takes a week of vacation to help me lobby the Legislature.
You must lobby!
Of the current 2018 Virginia Legislature, 100 Delegates & 40 Senators we’ve sat down w/:
- 54 Delegates and 25 of their L.A.’s, that’s 79% of the entire group.
- 26 Senators and 5 L.A.’s, that’s 77% of the entire group.
Some of them we've met with 2 and 3 times over the years and then there were meetings with Legislators who've retired or lost re-election from 2009- 2017.

The Legislators must see a face, a name and hear the facts, statistics and even real-life examples of how current and proposed policies and laws are or will affect Virginians and they have to hear it more than once.

Every session we must play
defense but, offense is extremely important too.

If we don't ask for smart legislation we'll continue to face dumb legislation. If we don't sit down w/ Legislators and not only discuss the issues but offer solutions who will? And we can't ask a stranger for a favor so lobbying year in and year out is necessary for a Patron to sign onto a piece of legislation.

Every other year (this time it’s 3) we ask a few Virginia Delegates and Senators to Patron/Sponsor Legislation "good" legislation that is data-driven at the upcoming session. We drive to the Legislators if they aren’t planning on being in Richmond during the timeframe we have available, we’ll drive up to 3 hours in one direction. We go west, we go east and we go north now that I’m thinking about it we’ve never gone south, I’ll have to look into that. To schedule these meetings every other year (this time it’s 3) my husband gives up a second week of vacation.

Last weekend I sent out 24 meeting (12 VA Delegates and 12 Senators) requests for this autumn to do just that ahead of the 2019 Virginia General Assembly. We have 2 main pieces of legislation in mind for 2019 that are not listed on my goals page  because I think we need to switch gears a bit in 2019 but as always we’ll be promoting our known goals too.
As of lunchtime today I have heard back from 9 Legislators and I’ve scheduled 4 of them. This is actually a good ratio within 1.5 business days of my requests going out but I would like to get a 100% so I’m asking all of you to take 20 minutes this week and ask your one Delegate and your one Senator to Patron one of the listed goals  in 2019, pick the one you like best. Send them an email or call their district office (not Richmond).

And if you really want to help me help you, ask your Delegate and Senator if they received a meeting request from me last weekend and if they did, please ask them to follow-up and schedule a meeting with us for this autumn.

This is the only way smart Sex Offender reform will happen in Virginia and I can’t do it without your help.

Thank you!

Mary Davye Devoy

Monday, July 30, 2018

How Many Virginia Registered Sex Offenders Have Been Charged and Convicted Under 3 of the 4 Proximity Laws from 2008 to 2017?

A new law on July 1st allows Virginians to submit bulk data requests for court records.

I submitted 2 separate data requests that very day.

The one request I had previously submitted to the Virginia Supreme Court back in November 2015 and they denied it.

The other one I had submitted to the Virginia State Police as three separate requests years ago and they denied all three.

On July 10th the Office of the Executive Secretary denied the request that I had previously made with the VSP.

What was in the request they denied?

For every year from 2006 through 2017 what was:
1.     Total number of court petitions filed for removal § 9.1-910. from Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry.
2.    Total number of court petitions filed for relief § 9.1-909. from Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry.
3.    Total number of court petitions filed who are listed on the Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry to obtain permission §18.2-370.5.sectionC to be on school or daycare property.  

And of these 3 court petitions how many (or the %) were granted/approved or denied?

Why was my request denied?

Per the Virginia Office of the Executive Secretary:
" The information that you requested cannot be provided because the petitions you referenced are entered into the Circuit Court Case Management System using the general “Petition” as the filing type instead of a specific filing type. Therefore, the petitions cannot be differentiated from the myriad other petitions."

So, for more than 5 years I've been trying to obtain this data and still, I'm no closer!

But my other bulk data submission would be fulfilled by OES at an estimated cost of $94.38 so I agreed and they went to pull the data.

Back on July 19th I received the data for the one request and a bill of $193.60, ouch!

For the last two days I have been sorting through the 5 spreadsheets that OES sent me with the data and did my best to organize it into easily understand charts.

What did the granted data pull include?

For every year from 2006 through 2017 what was:
1.     Total number Charged for violating §18.2-370.2. Registered Sex Offender 100ft. Loitering Proximity.
2.    Total number Charged for violating §18.2-370.3.  Registered Sex Offender 500ft. Residency Proximity.
3.    Total number Charged for violating §18.2-370.5. Registered Sex Offender Entry onto School or Other Property.
            And of these 3 crimes how many (or the %) were convicted?

I learned that per Virginia Code §16.1-69.55 cases are only retained for 10 years so my request for 2006 and 2007 were automatically denied.

I also learned the information provided would not include cases filed in Alexandria Circuit Court and Fairfax Circuit Court, which do not use the statewide Circuit Case Management System (CCMS).

I will have to contact those clerks directly, ask them for their data, get an estimate cost and decide if I want to proceed or not. Which I will probably do within the next week.

The data I received from OES was broken into General District Courts, Juvenile/Domestic Relations Courts and Circuit (Appeal) Courts. They gave me the counts for “charges” and they gave me the counts for the dispositions (outcomes).

I quickly learned that in 10 years only 1 person was charged for violating §18.2-370.3. Registered Sex Offender 500ft. Residency Proximity in 2017.

I can guarantee the 2017 Residency charge was because of the 2017 Bills SB1072- Senator Creigh Deeds and HB1485 Delegates Dickie Bell and Israel O’ Quinn.

They were the Companion Bills that expanded Virginia’s current Residency Restrictions to retroactively include anyone with a similar out-of-state, military, federal tribal or foreign conviction. These are the Bills that I advised Senator Deeds that would retroactively make the current homes of RSO’s felonies as of July 1st and he still refused to add a start date to his Bill so I had to address the Virginia Senate Courts of Justice Committee pointing this out, they didn’t want anyone to lose their home so all existing residences were grandfathered in by the Committee. I also asked the Committee to require the Virginia State Police to notify all affected RSO’s of the change in law so they’d know not to buy or rent a home within the new 500ft barrier but the VSP Legislative Liaison told the Committee that would be impossible, so the Committee did not add a notification requirement to the Bill. Maybe that's why the one 2017 charge for a violation was a Nolle prosequi case.

Of the 363 charges under these 3 statutes from 2008 to 2017:
·       163 went to a Grand Jury
·       35 were dismissed
·       84 were Nolle prosequi
·       5 were found not guilty
·       194 were found guilty

And there were a few other options see the charts (below).

Mary Devoy

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles Mandates the Drivers License’s and Senior Identification Cards of Anyone on the VSP Sex Offender Registry MUST Renew In-Person (not through the mail or online) and 37% More Often Than All Other Virginians

1.     Virginia Driver’s License renewal  §46.2-330
v  Anyone listed on the Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry is prohibited from renewing their license via USPS or online which is an offering for everyone else. All VSP SO’s must register in-person at a VA-DMV location.
v  Virginia Driver’s License expire in 8 years, except for anyone on the Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry their VADMV license expires in 5 years. 

This became Virginia law in 2008 without one dissenting vote. This was the GA session before I became an advocate.

2.    Virginia Senior Identification Card (for Person 70 Years of Age or Older who do not have a Driver’s License) renewal § 46.2-345.
v  Anyone listed on the Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry is prohibited from renewing their Senior Identification card via USPS or online which is an offering for everyone else. All VSP SO’s must register in-person at a VA-DMV location.
v  Virginia Senior Identification cards expire in 8 years, except for anyone on the Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry their VADMV license expires in 5 years. 

None of this was in the original Bill and was added as an amendment in the middle of session, it became Virginia law in 2017 with only 3 dissenting votes in the House. I had asked Governor McAuliffe to amend the to allow any VSP Registered Sex Offender who cannot drive to submit a letter to DMV from their doctor stating that they are unable to travel to DMV location every 5 years and allow them to renew either through the mail or online like everyone else before signing it into law, he didn’t. 

To renew a vehicle registration via VA-DMV there is no prohibition for someone listed on the Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry to do so via USPS or on-line. There is also not a shorter timeframe for a renewal.

What is the rationale for not allowing Virginia’s Registered Sex Offenders to renew their driver’s license through the Postal Service and requiring them to make a trip into a VA-DMV location?

What is the rationale in shorting the validity time of a Virginia Sex Offenders driver’s license compared to everyone else?

Forcing certain Virginians to take make a trip into a VA-DMV location but not everyone else certainly has nothing to do with public safety.

Being on the VSP SO Registry, has nothing to do with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The information and the use of the data from the Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry is and must be for administrative purposes only. If the information is used to punish then it becomes unconstitutional.

How is mandating ONLY in-person renewals and making the expiration times 37% sooner JUST for those listed on the Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry, not punishment?

Mary Davye Devoy

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

International Travel / Federal International Megan’s Law for U.S. Registered Sex Offenders

Back in May (2018) I deleted the International Travel /International Megan’s Law for Registered Sex Offenders page. Yesterday another RSO organization which had a link to it for a very long time realized it was gone. 

Why did I remove it? 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Virginia Code for Registered Sex Offenders: Restrictions, Regulations and Mandates. Where Can I Find That Law? When Did That Law Change?

For all the legal restrictions and regulations for Virginia Registered Sex Offenders in laymen’s terms you can go here .

But two of the more common questions/requests I receive via email daily from folks are:
Ø  “Where is the law that says……”
Ø  “When did Virginia change the law that…” 

So, I’m going to post every Virginia Code Title that is directed towards Registered Sex Offenders (RSO) here today.
If you want to know when a law changed you find the Title # of the topic you are wondering about and then go to the bottom of that page. See the years listed with links, click on those links and it will take you to the specific Bill on LIS from that year when the law changed. When you are in the Bill text, select highlight and everything that changed that year will highlight yellow.

OK here we go. 

1.  About 75% of Virginia RSO Laws are listed under Title § 9
Note: Per §9.1-901. section C of Virginia Code: Unless a specific effective date is otherwise provided, ALL provisions of the Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry Act shall apply retroactively. This why during the annual General Assembly I fight for either a start or conviction date of that year to be added to majority of RSO Bills. – Mary 
·       You want to petition the court for Relief from VSP SO Registry that’s § 9.1-909.
·       You want to petition the court for Removal from VSP SO Registry that’s § 9.1-910.
2. Title § 18 includes Virginia’s “Proximity” Laws:
·       Sex Offender "Proximity to Children” is § 18.2-370.2. AND § 18.2-370.3.
·       Sex Offender “Prohibited from Working on School Property” is § 18.2-370.4.
·       Sex Offender “Prohibiting Entry onto School or Other Property” (includes School Buses) is § 18.2-370.5.
·       You want to petition the court to legally be on school property or attend school sponsored events that’s § 18.2-370.5. section C.
·       You’ve had your rights restored by the Governor of Virginia and are wondering if you can vote on school property either on Primary Day or on Election Day, you can see § 18.2-370.5. section B.
3. Title § 18 also includes Virginia’s Trespass Laws § 18.2-121.3. is Trespass with an unmanned aircraft system (drone) and § 18.2-324.2. section A applies to ANYONE on the VSP SO Registry.

4. Title § 18 also includes Virginia’s Providing false information or failing to provide registration information § 18.2-472.1.  

5. Title § 9 also includes Virginia’s § 9.1-186.4. Bail Enforcement Agent Licensure                             
                            v  Cannot be a Bail Enforcement Agent if you’ve been convicted of a sex offense.  
6. Title § 19 includes Criminal Procedure
·       Special conservators of the peace § 19.2-13.
            v  Cannot be a conservator of the peace if listed on the VSP SO Registry.
7. Title § 46 has all the VADMV restrictions, prohibitions and additional fees for anyone on VSP SO Registry
·       Virginia Requirements for Tow Truck Drivers § 46.2-116.
v  Cannot drive a Tow Truck if listed on the VSP SO Registry.
·       Virginia Requirements for TNC partners (AKA Uber and Lyft services) § 46.2-2099.49.
v  Cannot drive for Uber or Lyft if listed on the VSP SO Registry.
·       Virginia Driver’s License renewal  §46.2-330
v  Cannot renew via USPS or online, must register in person.
v  Driver’s License expires in 5 years for VSP RSO’s whereas everyone else has 8 years.
·       Virginia School Bus Driver’s License § 46.2-339.
v  Cannot drive a school bus (Type S license) if listed on VSP SO Registry.
·       Virginia Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) § 46.2-341.9.
v  Cannot drive a school or daycare group, RSO’s hold a CDL Type P license.
·       Virginia Senior Identification Card (for Person 70 Years of Age or Older who do not have a Driver’s License) § 46.2-345.
v  Cannot renew via USPS or online, must register in person.
v  ID card expires in 5 years for VSP RSO’s whereas everyone else has 8 years.
·       Virginia Special License Plates §46.2-725