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WSET - Lynchburg, Danville and Roanoke, Virginia Takes a Texas Story and Tries to Turn it Into a Virginia Problem and the Need for Another Legal Restriction Against Virginia RSO’s

I almost didn’t post this article because by doing so someone is going to get the great idea to propose a law which is exactly why WSET ran the story. 

But WSET already started the ball rolling so my post can’t be to blame. 


Business Won't Say If They Do Background Checks on Local Mall Santas, December 17, 2014
Lynchburg, VA - A Baytown, Texas man dressed up as Santa Claus, but he is a registered sex offender... who served time for sexually assaulting an 11 year old boy.
There are no laws there to keep it from happening... and as we told you -- here in Virginia either.
So ABC 13 checked with River Ridge mall in Lynchburg to see if they do background checks.
They told us they contract with an outside company for their Santas - Cherry Hill Photo.
But when we tried to ask them if they do background checks-- they refused to answer any questions.
Lynchburg Commonwealth's Attorney Mike Doucette says there are only two jobs that the Code of Virginia prohibits registered sex offenders from holding-- -a school bus driver, and a tow truck driver.
And of course they're prohibited from being near schools, parks and the like.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler of “Fact Checker” Changes his Opinion on the “1 in 5” Campus Sexual Assault Claim From a Non-Rating in May to a Pinocchio in December…. After Countless Articles and Editorials Disprove it……Better Late Than Never….. I Guess.

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while might remember my May 1, 2014 post on Glenn Kessler’s (Washington Post) “Fact Checker” on the 1 in 5 Campus Sexual Assault claim that is constantly repeated by the President, the Vice-President, Federal Legislators, Virginia State Legislators, The Virginia Attorney General, Victim’s Advocates, Feminists, etc in which Mr. Kessler refused to make a ruling. 

I wrote to Mr. Kessler back in May expressing my disappointment that he refused to take a solid stand on the issue, one way or the other. 

Well for the last 6 months I have posted article after article on the “1 in 5 claim” being biased, misleading, the lowest common denominator, unethical and pretty much…..pure propaganda. 

Today Mr. Kessler changed his ruling (after countless reporters and columnists did all the research on the issue) and a USDOJ report was issued this month...... to a Pinocchio Rating. 

Better late than never, I guess. 


Fact Checker- One in five women in college sexually assaulted: an update on this statistic, December 17, 2014

Monday, December 15, 2014

Action Alert for Federal Bill HR4573 International Megan’s Law to be Voted on by US Senate VERY SOON - Contact Virginia Senators Kaine and Warner Today!

Remember the International Megan’s Law HR4573- patroned by New Jersey Representative Chris Smith that passed the U.S. Congress back in May under the guise of Human Trafficking? 

Past Posts:
Well it’s on the move right now through the U.S. Senate! 

The current version of the IML bill would:

  1. Make passports for most Registered Sex Offenders valid for 1 year, instead of 10 years.
  2. All denial of a passport application or renewal to Registered Sex Offenders (RSO), simply because of a past sexual conviction against a minor. What if the RSO was a minor at the time?
  3. This bill would require most RSO’s to report their travel itinerary directly to the Federal Department responsible 21 days prior to international travel.
  4. Failure to report your travel itinerary 21 days ahead would lead to prosecuted for “failure to register,” a felony (even if the original crime that placed them on the Virginia Registry was a misdemeanor)
  5. This bill would apply to ALL RSO’s, regardless of whether their state requires them to submit travel information or not. An INTERPOL alert will be put on the passport warning the destination country that the registrant is likely there to commit a new crime.  More often than not the destination country will turn the RSO back at the airport and deny them access to their country. Wasting all money spent on airfare, hotel reservations and prepaid plans made by the RSO and traveling companions.
  6. This bill has nothing to do with the specifics of the criminal case or conviction of each RSO.
  7. This bill has nothing to do with individual risk factors of each RSO.
  8. This bill has nothing to do with actual recidivism (re-offense) rates of RSO’s (which are the second lowest in the country).
  9. This bill has nothing to do with how long ago a conviction was handed down or the rehabilitation and/or therapy a RSO has participated in over the years.
  10. This bill has nothing to do with preventing future Human Trafficking convictions even though that’s how it’s been sold to the public and in the media.
It's a one-size-fits-all, claiming it stops the Human Trafficking of children when there haven't been any cases of an RSO traveling abroad to sexually abuse or traffic children, grandstanding BILL to look tough on those despicable "Sexual Predators"! Who would dare question or oppose such a  proposal, no matter what it costs the taxpayers?????
ICE and US Marshals have already been implementing some of these policies (Angel Watch Center) against traveling Registered Sex Offenders; they are doing so under an administrative directive less stringent than this proposed International Meagan’s Law. 

HR4573 was referred to the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on December 11, 2014. 

On the SAME day (December 11th)…..from the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations HR4573 was reported by Senator Menendez without amendment AND without written report

Now the International Megan’s Law has been placed on the US Senate Legislative Calendar- 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Virginia Delegate Joe Morrissey Avoids Prison, Registration as a Sex Offender, Automatically Losing His Law License or His Elected Office: Virginia Lawmakers Are Not Held to the Same Standards (or Laws) That They Impose Upon the Citizens of the Commonwealth

(Except for Virginia Legislators)

Virginia Delegate Joe Morrissey (57 years old) pleads to one misdemeanor offense today when he was facing multiple felonies for sex and for “sexting” with a 17 year old employee who lied about her age. 

Morrissey enters plea, sentenced to 12 months with 6 suspended, December 12, 2014

Delegate Morrissey pled to § 18.2-371. 

Offenses in Virginia that require registration as a Sex Offender are:

With today’s plea he avoids registering as a Sex Offender, he will not automatically lose his law license (The Virginia Bar could revoke it after a hearing) or his seat as an elected official. “Teflon Joe Morrissey” strikes again! 

Plus today at the hearing it was revealed the 17 year old receptionist (18 years old since March 2014) is pregnant……… with perhaps Morrissey’s  child.

Everyone Loves a Lottery Winner, Unless it’s a Registered Sex Offender: Mr. Mayo of the Sun Sentinel is Equating Such a Situation to the New Law Denying Nazi’s Social Security and Has Suggested State Lawmakers Take Action So it Never Happens Again

OK… I have avoided this Florida story for days now. I really try not to get sucked into stories like this, I try to rise above the fray but every time I check online news or turn on the television for the morning, afternoon or evening news there’s another writer, editorial, commentary or reporter talking about the Registered Sex Offender who won the Florida lottery followed by the publics ignorant and hateful response that he shouldn’t be allowed to keep the money because he doesn’t deserve it or that there should be a law making it illegal for RSO’s to play or win lotteries in the future.  

·       Mayo: Easiest bill for 2015 - No jackpots for sex predators, December 11, 2014
·       Sex offenders can win state lottery, are you kidding? December 11, 2014
·         Florida sexual predator wins $3 million lottery. Can he collect?
·       Millionaire Predator: Sex Offender Wins Lottery, December 11, 2014
·       Can a child molester win the lottery and keep his fortune? In Florida, the short answer is yes, December 11, 2014
·       Florida Sex Offender Wins Lottery
·       Friend says sex offender who won $3 million in Florida lottery ‘deserves a break’, December 11, 2014
·       Convicted Sex Offender Wins the Lottery, Gets $3 Million, December 11, 2014
·       Sex offender wins $3M lottery, December 10, 2014

Including tweets from respectable national news organizations (like this ) sarcastically congratulating the lottery winner which lead to terrible comments being posted and could easily lead angry readers/viewers who live nearby to lash-out against the RSO by vandalizing his property, threatening him or his family member’s safety ……or worse arson or murder. One easily influenced vigilante who agrees with these news outlets that the RSO doesn’t deserve the winnings could take matters into their own hands and these news outlets would be to blame. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Hyperbole of Inevitable Danger and a High Rate of Sexual Abuse That Victim’s Advocates Perpetuate and Most Citizens People Believe Will Not Make Us a Safer, Smarter or a Better Society Not to Mention It’s an Unethical Tactic!

Lessons of Rolling Stone's UVA Catastrophe: We Can't Prevent Rape If We're Deluded About It, December 9, 2014
By Robby Soave

Suppose Jackie’s story was not so incredible. Suppose that premeditated, ritualistic gang rape was a plausible occurrence at the average college. Suppose that one in every five—or four, or three—female students found themselves in serious danger of assault the moment they set foot outside their dorm rooms. Suppose that America’s campuses really did rival Somalia in terms of the violence faced by young women.

Would it be enough to merely place a moratorium on Greek activity, form a task force, and defend the actions of administrators who failed to report rape to the police, as University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan has done (arguably in violation of the Constitution)?

Of course not.

On the other hand, suppose the details of Jackie’s story were exaggerated, or in doubt. Suppose that premeditated, ritualistic gang rape was highly implausible. Suppose that cherry-picked statistics from a few unrepresentative studies were clearly masking an extraordinary decline in rape rates nationwide over the past few decades. Suppose the best available evidence suggested that campuses were, on the whole, safer for women than other environments. Suppose that campus sexual assaults were largely the work of a few sociopaths and nearly always the result of alcohol-induced incapacitation.

Wouldn’t the supposed solution to the campus rape crisis look markedly different?

In a major magazine story that succeeds on all the levels Rolling Stone’s failed, Slate’s Emily Yoffe argues persuasively that we live in the latter world. Confusion about the prevalence of rape and its proximate causes—confusion that Rolling Stone has only worsened—has driven governments and universities to greatly mishandle sexual assault by mandating solutions that wrongly evaluate the scope of the problem while needlessly violating civil liberties, from due process to freedom of association.

Yoffe quickly cuts through the hyperbole about surging assault rates and discovers that college campuses aren’t nearly as dangerous as we have let ourselves believe:

Monday, December 8, 2014

3rd Virginia Special Election on the Horizon: For Virginia House of Delegates Seat 63rd District Set for January 6, 2015. Seat was Previously Held by Rosalyn Dance Who Won Election in November to the Virginia Senate

The Virginia House of Delegate candidates for the 63rd District (including Chesterfield County /part, Dinwiddie County/part, Prince George County/part, Hopewell/part and Petersburg) are:               

               No Candidate –                  (R)
                Joseph E. Preston–               (D) -As of 12/08/14 there is no election website
                W. H. "Mouse" Jones, Jr. – (I)  -As of 12/08/14 there is no election website 

PolitiFact Virginia: Statement by Virginia Senator Richard Saslaw, Female students at UVA "have a 20 percent chance of being sexually assaulted." Ruling, Mostly False

I’ve been posting articles and editorials about the highly questionable but broadly repeated statistics of campus sexual assaults for months! 
May 6, 2014

It’s nice to see PolitiFact Virginia take this claim/statistic on and in the end, rule against it. 


Statement in Question:
Female students at UVA "have a 20 percent chance of being sexually assaulted." — Richard Saslaw on Monday, November 24th, 2014 in a presentation.

PolitiFact Ruling:
Mostly False 

Saslaw says 20 percent of female students at University of Virginia are sexually assaulted, December 8, 2014       By Sean Gorman

Senate Minority Leader Richard Saslaw seethed after reading a Rolling Stone article detailing an alleged gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Does an Innocent Man Have the Right to Be Exonerated? Larry Youngblood was Wrongfully Imprisoned for Raping a 10-year-old boy, the way the Supreme Court Handled his Case had Lasting Consequences - By Marc Bookman


Does an Innocent Man Have the Right to Be Exonerated? December 6, 2014
In the 1980s, Larry Youngblood was wrongfully imprisoned for raping a 10-year-old boy. The way the Supreme Court handled his case had lasting consequences.
By Marc Bookman

In the early morning hours of June 16, 2004, a 31-year-old man named David Leon was killed by a train just west of Estavan Park in Tucson. The Arizona Daily Star ran a brief item on the accident but never mentioned Leon’s background; the press seemed unaware that he had been in the middle of Tucson’s biggest legal scandal for the past two decades.

There was a good reason the media hadn’t recognized Leon’s name: Over the years, he’d been referred to vaguely as “the victim” or under the pseudonym “Paul”; the U.S. Supreme Court had called him “David L.” But concealing his identity hadn’t prevented the young man from suffering untold damage. Weeks after the train accident, the autopsy revealed that he had been drunk at the time of his death, a fact that surely surprised no one who knew him. And so the story ended almost exactly where it began: within a stone’s throw of Interstate 10.

A. Barton Hinkle: Soft-on-Crime Failed, so Did Hard. “The Typical American Unknowingly Commits Three Felonies a Day Through Acts as Innocuous as Tossing out Junk Mail Addressed to Somebody Else. That is the Apotheosis of Big Government”

I attended the December 2nd Charles Koch Institute discussion that Mr. Hinkle mentions at the end of this piece, where I finally introduced myself to Ken Cuccinelli, I handed him my card and brochures. We briefly discussed Virginia’s 21-Days to Recant law, Writs of Actual Innocence only covering felonies and Consensual Teen Sexting (as the Virginia Crime Commission had just voted against taking any action in their meeting down the hall). 

I also met Mr. Hinkle. 

Mary Devoy 

Soft-on-crime failed, so did hard, December 7, 2014
By A. Barton Hinkle

After several decades of passionate disagreement, it now appears we have a winner in the contentious debate over crime: nobody. 

Judging by the numbers, soft-on-crime liberals were flat-out wrong. But so were tough-on-crime. 

Some history: 

In the 1950s, roughly five criminals in the U.S. went to jail for every 100 crimes reported, which translates into an incarceration probability of 5 percent. At that time, there were roughly five serious crimes for every 1,000 people. By the 1980s, the probability of incarceration had fallen to 1.57 percent, and the incidence of serious crime rose to 22.8 events per 1,000 people. Crime was so bad private citizens started neighborhood-watch patrols, Curtis Sliwa and the Guardian Angels patrolled New York and the public was screaming for change. 

So politicians started getting tough on crime. States passed three-strikes laws, built prisons, imposed mandatory minimum sentences and so on. Virginia under Gov. George Allen abolished parole; the commonwealth’s prison population is now more than 700 percent larger than it was in the 1970s. 

Lo and behold, crime began to fall. This produced what is known in journalism circles as the Fox Butterfield Effect.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Cathy Young on the Rolling Stone UVA Rape Article and Author: “Journalism is About Facts and Truth-Telling. To Defend a Possible Lie that May Have Social Utility is Not Journalism But Propaganda”

This isn’t the first Cathy Young editorial I’ve posted and I know…… it won’t be the last! 

Another must read! 
It’s Women Who Suffer When We Don’t Ask Questions, December 6, 2014
Perhaps the lessons of the UVA story will help us balance our support for victims with the presumption of innocence.
By Cathy Young

The shocking Rolling Stone story of a brutal fraternity gang rape and administrative inaction at the University of Virginia has now unraveled, with a Washington Post investigative report disputing key parts of the account and the magazine issuing a partial retraction. While we may never know the whole truth behind the story, the controversy around it has once again raised the thorny question of when it is proper to doubt claims of sexual assault. 

In the past week, several critics have questioned the story’s authenticity and faulted author Sabrina Rubin Erdely for failing to seek a response from the alleged rapists or to corroborate the account provided by Jackie, the UVA student identified as the victim. Meanwhile, some commentators have blasted the skeptics for perpetuating a culture of sexist mistrust toward women’s reports of sexual violence. For many, believing and supporting accusations of rape is an essential feminist principle. But that principle is not only at odds with journalism; it is also gravely detrimental to justice—for the accused and, in the end, for victims.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Virginia Bill HB1366 Patroned by Delegate Jeff Campbell: RSO Parents Who Are Petitioning the Court to Drop-Off & Pick-up Their Own Children From Daycare /School Must Post Their Petition in the Local Newspaper for 2 Weeks So That Readers Can Show Up to Court and Testify Against the Petition

I am not only shaking my head at this one but I am irate about this bill (see below). 

I’ve already asked the patron to call me about this proposal as I want to know what the genesis for it is and I also want to hear why the patron thinks it is needed. 

It’s already a time consuming and expensive process for a parent or guardian who is an RSO to request permission to drop-off and pick-up their children from daycare or school or to attend their band concert, basketball game or graduation. Every time their children move to a new school or district they have to reapply and they could be denied. 

With HB1366 Delegate Campbell wants the RSO parent to pay for a newspaper/internet advertisement (for 2 weeks) about their personal court hearing and invites the public into the hearing to object to the parent’s request. Someone they don’t even know can have a say in a court proceeding because they are a publicly Registered Sex Offender…… they are already openly hated…… of course strangers are going to show up in droves to object and then the judge has been pressured by complete strangers to deny the parents request.

This proposal does one thing; it creates a public spectacle of each and every petitioner’s rights as allowed by law.  

This bill would allow for a state sponsored “angry mob” the petitioner will be harangued by every person who saw the post in the newspaper, had no where to be that day and who hates “Sex Offenders”. The more people who show up to demand the judge stop the request, the more likely the judge will cave to pressure no matter what the facts of the parent’s rehabilitation and parenting needs are. They could be a single parent! 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pedophile Panic at the Salvation Army: No Teen Boys Allowed, Too Dangerous - By Lenore Skenazy

Pedophile Panic at the Salvation Army: No Teen Boys Allowed, Too Dangerous, December 2, 2014
By Lenore Skenazy

When it comes to helping families in need, the Salvation Army turns a cold shoulder to one class of people: Teenage boys. A family in Johnson City, TN, found this out recently when, on a freezing cold night, they asked the organization for shelter. But because their family of five contained a 15-year-old boy, they were turned down. 

As the dad, Tim Lejeune, explained to WMC Action News 5:

"They said he's too old to stay on the women's side, because of the women running around in their pajamas and they said he's too young to stay on the men's side in case some pervert wants to do whatever," Lejeune said.

Lejeune says his wife, their 15 year-old son, 16 year-old daughter and five year-old son, all down on their luck, have been living in their car for the last several weeks.

So instead the family headed to their car. The temperature: 18 degrees.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The First Anti-Sex Offender Bill (Robby’s Rule HB1353) of the 2015 Virginia General Assembly Session Posted in LIS Today So Two New 2015 Virginia General Assembly Pages to Watch Have Been Created

Well the first bill that I will be opposing at the upcoming 2015 Virginia General Assembly Session posted about an hour ago. Surprise, surprise it’s the anticipated 2015 version (second attempt) of Robby’s Rule HB1353. This years version (at the moment) is identical to last years version (HB195) which had a $1.69 million initial cost, the fiscal impact for the 2015 version will take a few weeks to post on LIS. With the current $2.4 billion deficit in Virginia, I can not see a million dollar bill passing at th2 2015 session. 

How timely. This editorial from Iowa spells out exactly what Robby’s Rule here in Virginia is intended to do and why it should not become law! Vengeance and Revenge do not equal justice, nor does it make us safer!

Editorial: Expanding sex offender registry is unworkable, December 1, 2014
A retroactive sex offender registry is a bad idea — both for practical and legal reasons.

I will write a post just on Robby’s Rule 2015 it in the next few days (maybe weeks), there is no rush as it seems all the issues with the 2014 version will apply to the 2015 bill unless Delegate Ramadan is waiting for a last minute amendment to be submitted at the House Committee hearing, which could be a real possibility as some Virginia lawmakers tend to do this to throw off the opposition. 

Since this bill posted in LIS today, I went ahead and created the two 2015 G.A. pages (on the right side of the screen) under Directory:
The 2015 Committee page is currently based on the information available from the 2014 session plus the flip in Senate control from this past summer. 

There are 3 Special Elections still to be held in Virginia before the 2015 session begins so the Committee Members page will probably not be finalized until mid-January.  

A little School House Rock anyone? 

Mary Devoy

Monday, December 1, 2014

Juhu Thukral: Human Rights and the Fight Against Trafficking

Human Rights and the Fight Against Trafficking, December 1, 2014
By Juhu Thukral

Human Rights Day
is December 10. It's a day to commemorate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and, rest assured, people who work on the pressing issues of the moment will be pumping new energy into efforts to protect the human rights of people in the most vulnerable situations around the world. As lawyers and advocates who've represented survivors of trafficking and advocated for policy change for over a decade, we've learned a lot about what it means to respond with the human rights of victims and survivors in mind.

Human rights are the notion that all people have rights, simply by virtue of their humanity. They represent both a set of values and a system of laws and enforcement mechanisms. Human rights embody the values of dignity, fairness, equality, and opportunity that are central in a just society and for empowered people.

§ 18.2-370. Virginia Sex Offenses Prohibiting Entry Onto School or Other Property and Prohibiting Proximity to Children

Back on July 27, 2014 there was a post titled How Can a Virginia Sex Offender Attend Their Child’s School Sponsored Activities? which included the process to obtain permission to be on school property to pick-up and drop-off your children as an RSO in Virginia. 

I usually do not post articles about Virginia RSO’s messing up and facing new charges for their error or blatantly ignoring the laws but a second article in 3 months on this exact subject has come out.  

First there was the article on August 27, 2014 about an RSO not following the proper process that I did post. 

And now this month there is a second news story about another Virginian RSO again not getting permission from the courts (see below) to be on school property. The RSO father believed permission from the school and the school district was sufficient, it’s NOT! 

There are laws in Virginia prohibiting MOST RSO’s from being on and near school property and ignorance of the law is NOT a DEFENSE!
  • § 18.2-370.2. - Sex offenses prohibiting proximity to children; penalty.
  • § 18.2-370.4. - Sex offenses prohibiting working on school property; penalty.
  • § 18.2-370.5. - Sex offenses prohibiting entry onto school or other property; penalty.

Florida Cities and Towns Scaling Back Residency Restrictions on Sex Offenders Because Officials Say Buffer Zones Don’t Prevent Repeat Offenses and Make Predators Harder to Track

A must read article below! 

Remember, Virginia does have residency restrictions for some Registered Sex Offenders (RSO’s) and their family members since 2006:

§ 18.2-370.3. Sex offenses prohibiting residing in proximity to children; penalty.

A. Every adult who is convicted of an offense occurring on or after July 1, 2006, where the offender is more than three years older than the victim, of one of the following qualifying offenses: (i) clause (iii) of subsection A of § 18.2-61, (ii) subdivision A 1 of § 18.2-67.1, or (iii) subdivision A 1 of § 18.2-67.2, shall be forever prohibited from residing within 500 feet of the premises of any place he knows or has reason to know is a child day center as defined in § 63.2-100, or a primary, secondary, or high school. A violation of this section is a Class 6 felony. The provisions of this section shall only apply if the qualifying offense was done in the commission of, or as a part of the same course of conduct as, or as part of a common scheme or plan as a violation of (i) subsection A of § 18.2-47 or § 18.2-48, (ii) § 18.2-89, 18.2-90, or 18.2-91, or (iii) § 18.2-51.2.

B. An adult who is convicted of an offense as specified in subsection A of this section and has established a lawful residence shall not be in violation of this section if a child day center or a primary, secondary, or high school is established within 500 feet of his residence subsequent to his conviction.

C. Every adult who is convicted of an offense occurring on or after July 1, 2008, where the offender is more than three years older than the victim, of one of the following qualifying offenses: (i) clause (iii) of subsection A of § 18.2-61, (ii) subdivision A 1 of § 18.2-67.1, or (iii) subdivision A 1 of § 18.2-67.2, shall be forever prohibited from residing within 500 feet of the boundary line of any place he knows is a public park when such park (i) is owned and operated by a county, city or town, (ii) shares a boundary line with a primary, secondary, or high school and (iii) is regularly used for school activities. A violation of this section is a Class 6 felony. The provisions of this section shall only apply if the qualifying offense was done in the commission of, or as a part of the same course of conduct as, or as part of a common scheme or plan as a violation of (i) subsection A of § 18.2-47 or § 18.2-48, (ii) § 18.2-89, 18.2-90, or 18.2-91, or (iii) § 18.2-51.2.

D. An adult who is convicted of an offense as specified in subsection C and has established a lawful residence shall not be in violation of this section if a public park that (i) is owned and operated by a county, city or town, (ii) shares a boundary line with a primary, secondary, or high school, and (iii) is regularly used for school activities, is established within 500 feet of his residence subsequent to his conviction.

I hope one day to get these current restrictions repealed with a court challenge or through legislation. 

There have been past proposals by some Virginia lawmakers at the yearly General Assembly session to expand upon our residency restrictions here in Virginia:
Plus a proposal to restrict the movement of RSO’s in public places:

Saturday, November 29, 2014

When Mob Rule Overwhelms the Rule of Law: The Online Court of Public Opinion on the Sexual Accusations Against Bill Cosby

The Cosby Show: Due Process is the victim here, November 29, 2014
This column is not a defense of Cosby but a reminder of our rule of law.
By Kathleen Parker

By now, most Americans probably have formed an opinion about what comedian Bill Cosby did or didn’t do sexually to or with at least 16 women beginning in the 1960s. 

According to several women who have accused him of sexual predations, Cosby’s usual modus operandi was to drug women who were with him voluntarily and then force sexual acts upon them. 

We know these things based mostly on the women’s media interviews. Five revealed their identities and talked openly in The Washington Post’s exhaustive story of the history and allegations. 

Even so, these are accusations rather than confirmable facts as required in a true court of law. Otherwise, there’s no real evidence — no tapes or letters. No rape kits or photographs. One woman once did file charges against Cosby, but that case was settled.