Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Virginia State Police, Virginia Delegates and Senators and the Virginia Governor and Secretary of Public Safety All Know that VSP Re-Registration Letters Aren’t Being Delivered and Yet They Do Nothing to Fix the Problem and Virginia RSO’s are Being Convicted of Failures-to-Register

Dear Virginia Delegates and Senators, 

For 8 years I've made you aware of the Virginia State Police certified re-registration letters not arriving at all, arriving with less than a day to comply or arriving too late....... in fact my latest email about these problems was sent to you on 04/23/16 (it’s below). 

I've also advised you (many times) that the VSP REMOVED the next re-registration due date for our RSO's from the VSP website years ago for no reason making it impossible for our RSO's to know when to expect their next letter. 

And last autumn (I learned) the VSP stopped giving our RSO's a copy of the completed re-registration form when they go to a VSP Barracks, so they no longer have a receipt to prove they re-registered on time. 

You know these issues exist, the VSP knows these issues exist and yet those who have the ability to fix these problems have failed to take ANY action. 

And now today, this......
No Excuse for Late Sex Offender Reregistration, May 4, 2016 By Deborah Elkins

Although defendant had reregistered as a sex offender every 90 days for the last 15 years, and testified that he was late two weeks in reregistering because he had not received his letter for reregistration from the Virginia State Police, the Court of Ap­peals affirms his conviction for knowingly failing to timely reregister. While Va. ... 

I am furious beyond words. I have been raising this issue to ALL of  you, to the Virginia State Police and to two Administrations for 7-8 years and ALL OF YOU have willfully ignored me and the problems which has resulted in countless RSO's be charged and convicted for failures-to-register when the circumstances that lead to the failure was 100% out of their control. 

The current system for re-registration in Virginia is intentionally failing our RSO's and you know it and still you do nothing.
Mary Davye Devoy 

------ Message ------
From: "Mary Davye Devoy"
Sent: 4/23/2016 9:16:51 AM
Subject: The Latest Example of VSP RSO Data Typos and USPS Failures with RSO Re-Registration Letters 

Dear Virginia Delegates, Senators and Administration Members, 

Good morning. 

For the last 7-8 years I have been emailing you (my most recent email’s dated 12/30/15, 11/11/15 and 10/20/15)  examples of:
  1. The Virginia State Police USPS certified letters not being delivered on purpose by USPS employees
  2. The Virginia State Police USPS certified letters being lost or misplaced at the local Post Offices
  3. The Virginia State Police USPS certified letters extremely high postage cost per year (2015- $584,333.00)
  4. The Virginia State Police USPS certified letters arriving with less than 2 days to meet the deadline or the deadline falling on a weekend or holiday so the recipient is unable to meet the deadline and will be facing a felony
  5. Why Virginia should switch to a rotating re-registration system like Michigan
  6. Why Virginia needs to electronically enter all re-registrations and data changes instead of hand written forms on carbon paper that are sent to Midlothian to be hand-entered into the database by a second person…. which as of late-2015 the VSP no longer gives our RSO’s a copy as a receipt to prove they made the update/change OR that they re-registered on time.  
Not to mention all the email’s I’ve sent you with examples of the Virginia State Police (VSP) giving inaccurate, conflicting and reckless information or directions to Virginia’s RSO’s, their website not having hours, holidays or PDF’s of forms and they removed critical information (the next re-registration due date) from every RSO’s online posting years ago. 

A recent synopsis of VSP RSO USPS certified letter issues can be found here: 

Well, this morning I received the below email from a Non-Violent RSO, his VSP certified letter for March 2016 couldn’t be located at his Post Office because the VSP had a typographical error from the last update this man made with the VSP. Probably because all VSP data changes are written by hand by the VSP on carbon paper and then read and entered by hand by a second VSP employee after it’s traveled through the VSP inter-office mail system. 

He is now facing a new felony because of a VSP typographical error that he has no control over, a VSP mail back-log and because of an incompetent USPS certified letter filing system, NOT because he failed to update his change of address or because he failed to re-register on time. 

If sending this email to VSP Leadership would result in positive changes in the current system, then I would send it to them. But I quickly learned last October when I notified the VSP of multiple RSO issues and examples instead of correcting the pattern that lead to the problem the VSP was more concerned with locating the specific RSO to advise them they were confused or incorrect or in some cases they shouldn’t be contacting me.   

Sunday, May 1, 2016

What Laws Will Change for Virginia’s Registered Sex Offenders on July 1, 2016?

The 2016 Virginia General Assembly Session began on Wednesday January 13th 2016 and it adjourned on Friday March 11th 2016. 

This morning I finally I finalized the 2016 General Assembly Legislation page so that all the details on what Bills failed and what Bills passed are in one location. That page will remain up until November and then it will be replaced with a new 2017 GA Legislation page in anticipation of the next GA session. 

As for the 2016 General Assembly Committee page I will probably delete that in the next month or so...then in December or January a new 2017 Committee list will appear. 

I posted back on April 4th how many RSO Bills were filed during the entire 2016 VA session. 

So now that’s all over…………. what new laws begin on July 1, 2016 that will affect Virginias current Registered Sex Offenders? Is there anything significant that you need to know about or to avoid or are now required to do?  No, there isn’t. 

Changes that will occur on July 1st:
  1. The Virginia State Police will now post publicly all college information on an RSO’s VSP listing.
  2. The VA-DMV is now prohibited to issue or renew any DMV-Specialty License Plate that is related to children or children's programs or with revenues paid to funds for the benefit of children if the vehicle is owned by an RSO.
This includes any co-owned vehicles so any spouses, parents or teenage children who have these license-plates today will not be allowed to renew it with the DMV if the RSO remains a co-owner on the vehicle and so their license plate will be revoked.
                                These license plates are included:
1.       Virginia Family and Children’s Trust Fund Kid’s First
2.      Virginia Family and Children’s Trust Fund Child Trust Heart
3.      Virginia Family and Children’s Trust Fund Child Trust Hand
4.      Virginia Family and Children’s Trust Fund Child Trust Star
5.       Virginia Cure Childhood Cancer
6.      Virginia Unlocking Autism
7.       Virginia Kid’s Eat Free
                        These license plates might be included because they bear images of children:
8.      Virginia Choose Life
9.      Virginia Drive Out Diabetes 

  1. The VA-DMV shall not issue or renew personalized (Vanity) license plates to RSO’s if the requested personalization relates to or references children. 
It’s my opinion that the VA-DMV is just going to create an internal policy saying no VSP RSO can have a vanity license plate because they won’t want to be bothered with a review process and the chance they might miss a “reference”. So current “Vanity” Plates owned by RSO’s that can’t be easily deciphered as NOT referencing children could possibly be revoked.-Mary 

  1. Condominium and Housing Associations are now likened to that of daycares, schools and assisted living facilities within the Code of Virginia in that they can now request and receive RSO email-notifications directly from the Virginia State Police. 
Anybody can sign-up for VSP email notifications so this isn’t any real change. 

  1. Any RSO “not guilty by reason of insanity” can not be licensed by child welfare agency or assisted living facility, approved as a foster or adoptive parent by a child-placing agency, approved as a family day home by a family day system, or employment or serving as a volunteer at an assisted living facility, adult day care center, or child welfare agency. 
This was a Federal law passed in 2014, Virginia just got around to adding it to State Code. 

That’s all that has changed for Virginia’s current Registered Sex Offenders (RSO’s) in 2016.

You don’t have to avoid anyplace or anyone new, you don’t have to give more data to the VSP, you don’t have to speed up the time-frame that you deliver data to the authorities, no one was retroactively re-classified, no employment opportunities were taken away, no commercial driver licenses were changed, your standard driver’s license expiration time did not shrink again, no one’s mandated timeframe on the VSP Registry was retroactively increased before a court-petition is allowed and no changes to the court-petition process were made. Also no changes to SVP civil commitment were proposed in 2016.

As always if you are in doubt on what your legal obligations are in Virginia you can check the Do’s and Don’ts page  OR the Virginia Code page. 

All in all…….it was not a terrible General Assembly session for RSO’s, so be thankful! 

Mary Davye Devoy

Friday, April 29, 2016

Galen Baughman: National Advocate for Sex Offender Registry Reform is Arrested AGAIN!

I believe in being as truthful and as transparent as possible so many of you may not like this post, but I feel I need to write it so no one claims I ever defended or promoted a Sexual Predator.  

An advocate who has recently become a public-figure for Registry Reform has made the last 8 years of my advocacy in the Commonwealth look foolish and possibly has done extreme damage to the cause I’ve worked so hard for and I’m not going to defend him or ignore his recent actions. That’s what hypocrites do, and I am not a hypocrite.  

I believe in second chances and I believe in forgiveness for past mistakes but I will NOT defend a person who obviously has a serous problem and who needs to face the consequences of their repeated criminal actions.  

I have previously posted a TED X Talk and many articles about Galen Baughman who avoided civil commitment as an SVP in Virginia and became a vocal advocate against SVP civil commitment and public Registries even though he would never attend the Virginia General Assembly sessions and told me I was wasting my time opposing “trash-legislation” in Richmond 

He and I did not agree on many, many points but we both wanted reform of America’s Sex Offender Registries so I posted links that included reference to his advocacy.  

Last week on April 19th I received an email from National CURE that Galen Baughman had been arrested for a “Technical Probation Violation”, that his bail hearing was around the corner and that anyone who wanted to write a reference in support of him should send one.  

I immediately wrote back to the sender of this email notice and I said,
“Out of serious concerns of what I was witnessing I warned Galen years ago about his online usage and his traveling from state to state while on Probation. He was extremely arrogant telling me he takes all necessary precautions and knows what the RSO Laws AND Rules of Probation are and I should mind my own business. As an RSO with 2 separate sexual convictions against two separate minors AND who was almost civilly committed as an SVP Galen needed to take extra precautions not to mess up and he had the attitude that he was invincible. 

Do you know what the actual Probation violation he has been charged with?”   

I received a reply “that the specific charge was not known”. I seriously question this answer but didn’t want to be pessimistic.  

Then on the 27th I received another mass email update “The judge did not give Galen his freedom and his trial is set for July 21. Rough day! He had about 35 people there”  

I again asked the sender, “what was the technical violation”? I never received a reply. So my suspicions grew. 

If  it were truly a “technical violation” than bail would most likely be granted and if a technical violation at the bail-hearing the specifics would have been given so that could have been included in the mass-email that had previously asked supporters to assist Galen get released. 

So I waited... expecting something to pop-up in the news about it..... and about 30 minutes ago I found this: 
The Imperfect Victim, April 29, 2016
Galen Baughman seemed like an ideal spokesman for sex offenders’ civil rights. Then he got arrested for texting a teenage boy.
By Leon Neyfakh

There is no excuse, no reason, no anything acceptable for what Galen has done. 

I will not defend him, I will not support him and I will NEVER post anything about him on the blog again.  

He was arrogant, he's a narcissist, he believed he was invincible and he is in desperate need of Sex Offender Treatment and Incarceration…..and anyone who says otherwise shouldn’t follow my blog or my advocacy anymore.

His decisions, his behavior and his actions have NOT just affected the 16 year old in Minnesota and the reform efforts of Sex Offender laws in America,....but I'd say his actions have done the most damage here in Virginia......where he was originally convicted and in the State that the AG's Office wanted to civilly commitment him as a Sexually Violent Predator (SVP). Now they are going to dig in their heels on harsher laws, longer sentences and more SVP commitments!

I am also extremely upset with the misleading email that I received from National CURE back on the 19th of April calling it a “technical violation” when it was in no way that. I was lied to and so were the other folks in that email chain and luckily I had previous experiences with Galen to know I needed to wait for it to play out a bit more before taking a side or believing what I was being told. 

Now Registry Reform Advocates across the country will suffer the repercussions of Galen's actions and our platform hasn’t just lost a few steps forward............we’ve lost many, many miles.  

Mary Davye Devoy

Thursday, April 28, 2016

On April 23rd Virginia State Police & US Marshal’s Conducted Operation “Check and Balance” in Tidewater Area for Registered Sex Offenders Who are NOT Wanted, NOT Absconded and NOT Considered Non-Compliant

The Virginia State Police (VSP) who is the official monitor and manager of Virginia Registered Sex Offenders (RSO) who are NOT incarcerated and who are not under VA-DOC supervision are required by Virginia law to show up at every RSO’s residence two times per year. If an RSO changes their address, then the VSP goes out to confirm that change. If an RSO changes their employer information, then the VSP goes out to confirm that change. The total number of in-person checks done every year is noted in the VSP’s annual Sex Offender Monitoring Report . 

The VA-DOC is supposedly responsible for the residential and employment checks of RSO's under VA-DOC supervision but the VSP has been known to do residential checks too. 

Any RSO who is Non-Compliant, Wanted or Missing/Absconded deserves US Marshal involvement, but RSO's who are simply under VSP and VA-DOC supervision, do NOT! 

For US Marshal’s to jump in and do spot checks on compliant RSO's is a waste of Federal resources and every time they do these "sweeps" they send out a media report to hype up the fact that RSO's are in our communities and we should fear them all. 

Has anyone seen one of these "sweeps"? Multiple vehicles pull up at an RSO's address/place of work and US Marshal's in flak-jackets with weapons on their hips along with VSP folks swarm. It appears like a crime is in process and it attracts the attention of everyone in the area. Not only is the RSO a spectacle in this but their spouse, parents, room-mates and children are too. These sweeps have occurred during family reunions, picnics, birthday parties and holidays (Halloween). This intimating and unnecessary display of force by Federal and State authorities for Virginians who are NOT wanted or absconded keeps these citizens from ever being able to successfully become contributing members of society because their neighbors, family, co-workers and employers see such an operation and add more distance because they are embarrassed and their fear has been re-elevated, for no justified reason. 

How many of these RSO's actually lose their job after one of these spectacles occurs?  

The employers and the co-workers never want to have to experience that again so the RSO is let-go, not for non-compliance but because of the chaos the VSP and US Marshal's create for our RSO's with these "sweeps".  

Employment for RSO's is critical in keeping recidivism rates low and yet these "sweeps" that the US Marshal’s claim is keeping society safe is actually taking stable Offenders and making them unstable which makes society less safe. 

In this particular sweep 200 Virginia RSO's (Offenders) were checked, 165 were confirmed compliant and 22 were "non-verified", this could mean they were at work, at school, at the store or on vacation when the US Marshal’s arrived, this does NOT mean they have done anything wrong. So of the 13 Offenders left of the 200 if they are non-compliant it would be for one of 2 reasons.  
  1. It could be a VSP, VA-DOC or local authority’s error like I have posted about numerous times on my blog, shared with Virginia Legislators, the Administration and Virginia over the last 8 years.
  2. Or it could be intentional by the Offender.
Either way the end result will be felony charges and most likely a new conviction for the Offender, if it was intentional then they deserve the consequences but if it was an administrative error which occurs way too often within the VSP, VA-DOC or local authorities then the Offender has become collateral damage of the current registry system that I have been saying need reform for the last 8 years. But it all makes for good news, the details of these sweeps, who is actually being intimated and shamed (spouses, children, co-workers) and that “non-compliance” could be the fault of the VSP or VADOC not of the Offender is never noted as its inconsequential to the public.  

Mary Devoy

U.S. Marshals, state police unable to locate 22 convicted sex offenders in Hampton Roads, April 28, 2016

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

On July 1st Virginia Bills HB305/HB1190/SB666 Will Become Law Mandating RSO’s Be Prohibited from Owning Specialty License Plates that Support ALL Children-Related Charities But It Will Also Prohibit Their Spouses, Parents and Children Who Co-Own the Vehicles From Having the Plates Too

During the 2016 Virginia General Assembly session SB666 was expanded with an amendment, SB305 was “left in Committee” because the patron decided to piggy-back as a co-patron on HB 1190 . Then HB 1190 was amended to be identical to SB666, turning them into “Companion Bills”. 

I tracked these Bills through the 2016 GA session for blog readers:
·         December 30, 2015
·         January 22, 2016
·         January 29, 2016
·         February 2, 2016
·         February 8, 2016
·         February 23, 2016
·         February 26, 2016
·         March 1, 2016
·         March 2, 2016 

And after session:
·         March 20, 2016
·         March 24, 2016
·         March 25, 2016
·         April 23,2016 

They both passed through both chambers unanimously, not one Virginia Delegate or Senator voted against them. 

They were both signed by Governor Terry McAuliffe and will become law on July 1st 2016. 

What will SB666 and HB 1190 do?
A.    They’d  prohibit the Virginia DMV from issuing to registered sex offenders special license plates relating to children or children's programs or with revenues paid to funds for the benefit of children or renewing the registration for a vehicle that has been issued such license plates.  

Definitely include the following License Plates:
1.       Virginia Family and Children’s Trust Fund Kid’s First
2.      Virginia Family and Children’s Trust Fund Child Trust Heart
3.      Virginia Family and Children’s Trust Fund Child Trust Hand
4.      Virginia Family and Children’s Trust Fund Child Trust Star
5.       Virginia Cure Childhood Cancer
6.      Virginia Unlocking Autism
7.       Virginia Kid’s Eat Free
Ø       A total of 19,869 Total License Plates are in circulation*
Ø       13 are registered to VSP Registered Sex Offenders*
Ø       Of those 13, 7 are co-owned* 

Might include the following License Plates because they bear images of children:
8.      Virginia Choose Life
9.      Virginia Drive Out Diabetes
Ø       7,247 Total License Plates are in circulation*
Ø       7 are registered to VSP Registered Sex Offenders*
Ø       Of those 7, 3 are co-owned* 

B.    They’d also provide that the Virginia DMV shall not issue or renew personalized license plates to registered sex offenders if the requested personalization relates to or references children.

                                                                                                         *Data came from 4 - January/February 2016 FOIA requests.

A VA-DMV Specialty Plate is NOT a government certification that the driver is an endorsed representative it’s an expression of speech and support by our citizens. 

There is NO OTHER group of Virginians who is prohibited from obtaining a DMV-offered Specialty Plate. 

There is NO OTHER group of Virginians who is prohibited from supporting a charity organization of their choosing. 

There is NO OTHER group of Virginians who is subjected to an unspecified review by the VA-DMV for non-obscene letter/number combinations that may be directed towards a particular segment of our population. The VA-DMV is just going to create an internal policy saying no VSP RSO can have a vanity license plate because they won’t want to be bothered with a review process and the chance they might miss a “reference”. 

NO Virginia Legislator has proposed a similar ban against anyone convicted of Animal Abuse from owning a Virginia Animal Friendly Specialty Plate. 

20 VSP Registered Sex Offender owned vehicles will have their Specialty licenses revoked when the re-registration is due (after July 1st) and of those 20 plates, 10 are co-owned. That means because of someone else’s past-conviction from 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years ago the State of Virginia is now penalizing anyone who is related to them. 

In Virginia someone else’s conviction will now determine what rights and freedoms YOU may or may not have within the Commonwealth.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Political Scapegoat Needed? Sexual Predators Always Work in a Pinch, No Matter What the Issue Is!


Schapiro: Va. Republicans risk overdoing it in rights debate, April 26, 2016

Original Post:

When a Politician needs to fan the flames of hype, myth and fear to get their Constituents attention what is the never-fail, go-to group you can guarantee they’ll serve up? 

Yep! Those Rapists…Pedophiles….Child-Molesters…Child-Rapists…Child-Pornographers… Human-Traffickers….and when applicable Terrorists are always a sure-fire win. 

So what issue has Virginia Legislators drawing from the “Sexual Predator Well” in recent days? 

The fact that last Friday Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe signed an Executive Order to automatically restore the voting rights to former-felons who are NOT incarcerated AND who are no longer under VA-DOC Probation supervision approximately 180,000 to 220,000 disenfranchised Virginians.  

Before we get to the recent Virginia Political statements made let me cover some facts first: 
  1. These 180,000 to 220,000 disenfranchised Virginians did not just get released from prison yesterday they have been in our communities, working amongst us, living down the street from us, sitting next to us at church, on the city bus and at that outdoor summer concert and they have been shopping alongside us at the local grocery store and Home Depot. Perhaps you even spoke with them briefly or shared a smile.
  2. These 180,000 to 220,000 disenfranchised Virginians were under VA-DOC Probation for years, even decades until they met EVERY mandated requirement and most were relieved of Probation years ago, not yesterday.
  3. If these 180,000 to 220,000 Virginians weren’t contributing and law-abiding members of society today then they would still be under VA-DOC Probation supervision as Virginia does keep many Probationers under supervision for 20 years or even life. 
  4. If these Virginians weren’t contributing and law-abiding members of society today they’d be back in jail or prison and they wouldn’t be included in last Fridays order. 
  5. In Virginia if an Offender owes a Victim restitution (medical bills) that is written into the court-order and is one of the many requirements the Offender must fulfill while under VA-DOC Probation. For an Offender to be released from Probation they must pay all their required restitution and in fact if an Offender falls-behind  in their payments their Probation in VA is extended until they meet that requirement.
  6. Last Friday’s Executive Order is NOT the right to own a firearm, this is the right to vote in an election, a right that most states do in fact automatically reinstate but Virginia doesn’t. With that right being restored so too is the ability to be a notary and to serve on a jury, a task that most Americans avoid like the plague. And a fact that based on the below comments some Virginia Legislators have made, they’ve forgotten isn’t automatic. Potential jurors are required to answer survey questions including prior convictions, they are questioned repeatedly and a Commonwealth’s Attorney (Prosecutor) or Defense Attorney can eliminate any potential juror they don’t approve of or that has a conflict of interest, like a previously convicted rapist hearing a rape case.
  7. The last right that was restored with last Friday Executive Order to “hold an elected office” doesn’t apply to Virginians who have been convicted of rape, child-molestation, child-pornography and human trafficking because Virginia Code for elected-officials already prevents anyone listed on the Virginia State Police Registry from holding office.
But that hasn’t stopped the “Pedophile” and “Rapist” fear-mongering quotes coming from Virginia’s elected officials. 

So far I’ve taken note of these public comments made by Virginia elected-officials attempting to create an urgency of fear, danger and injustice:

I’m on Twitter ! #ItsTimetoRestoreIntergritytotheVirigniaSexOffenderRegistry

I have fought the urge to join social media for many years. 

I still refuse to join Facebook due to their blanket-ban of ALL Registered Sex Offenders with NO process to appeal the ban AND because Facebook encourages other members to report any suspected RSO’s pages so they can be shut-down immediately. 

But today I opened a Twitter account so that I can keep up with news outlets, Sex Offender therapists, Registry researchers, Victim’s Advocates and Virginia Legislators. 

I figured the 140-character limit on Twitter would keep me and others in check. 

Don’t look for me on any other social media sites, I won’t be there. Just like I’ve never taken a “Selfie” and I have no plans of taking one in the near future. 

I will not be “Tweeting” every blog post or news article, I will be using it mainly to stay current with those people/groups that I’m following. 

I’ve added the button near the top of the Home page of this blog and if you’re on Twitter come visit me at  if you're not on Twitter, I understand.


Mary Davye Devoy

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Jon Brandt: Sex, Politics, Laws, the Courts… and ATSA [The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers]

Sex, Politics, Laws, the Courts… and ATSA, April 23, 2016
By Jon Brandt, MSW, LICSW

If we in the judiciary do not have the authority, indeed the responsibility, to right fundamental wrongs left excused by a majority of the electorate, our whole intricate constitutional system of checks and balances, as well as the oaths to which we swore, prove to be nothing but shams.”  

                                                                                                                                   Federal Judge Martha Craig Daughtrey
                                                                                                                                DeBoer v. Snyder, 2014

Sex educator, Dr. Marty Klein recently published a blog titled, “Politics?  I’m Interested in Sex, not Politics.”  His thesis is that sex and politics are inextricably connected, and if you care about rational public policies regarding the management of sexual behaviors, it helps to have a stomach for politics. 

There’s a natural tension between complex social problems, public opinions, and laws – perhaps that’s one definition of “politics.”  In a democracy, laws are frequently driven more by public opinion than sound science or constitutional principles.  Some “sex offender” laws seem to be driven by fear, anger, and misinformation, and resemble moral panic more than informed public policies.  When the lag-time for scientific advances takes too long to engender best practices or influence public policies, or when a compelling public interest can no longer justify laws that breach the boundaries of constitutional safeguards, often the courts step in.  Beyond the illustrations that Dr. Klein offers in his blog, there are many examples of laws that are (or were) unwarranted, overreaching, or unreasonably intrusive, and the courts intervened.  Consider these “sexual offenses” of yesteryear.


Please Help with Legal Fees Towards Possible Injunction and Court Challenge Against Virginia SB666/HB1190 from Becoming Law on July 1st 2016


Original Post:

It has been one month since I last posted about contributions to a possible legal challenge against a Virginia law that takes effect on July 1st. 

Since that post my husband and I drove to Northern Virginia to meet with a very good attorney and while we left the meeting a bit stunned and disappointed all hope was not dashed. 

Since that meeting we have paid the law firm to research our legal options, we’ve also had a conference call that went rather well and more research is being done as we speak. 

I hope to have answer on if a court challenge beginning with an injunction will or will not happen a month before the July 1st start date. 

None of this pre-work is free, nor is it cheap. 

Back in March I received a few contributions for the legal fund and I am so appreciative to those who have given but what has been donated and what we’ve already spent on legal fees for research are two very different numbers. The contributions received to-date is about 29% of what we’ve already paid the attorney. 

There have been zero donations in April but yet this site received 6,624 page views in the last 30 days. My advocacy and the time I spend are obviously important to those of you who continually check this site. 

I don’t like asking for financial contributions, but I really need some assistance in this possible legal challenge. 

Please consider sending a $25, $50  or $75 contribution in the next month to help even up the difference on what has already been spent with the attorney. 

Until we know if an injunction and challenge is a viable option I’m not asking for large donations yet but if we go through with this challenge we’re talking tens of thousands of dollars. 

If you can’t afford a contribution but want to help please share this post or the previous posts , and about the two Bills we are talking about for the court challenge with friends and family members who believe Registry Reform is needed in Virginia. At the bottom of each post there are icons to share the post detail on Facebook and Twitter, if you are a member of either of those sites, please share this information.

Once I have new information that can be shared about the injunction I will be sure to share it. 

Thank you for your support! 

Mary Devoy

To send a contribution: 

  1. You can send a donation through PaylPal at this link:   to my email address   …….remember my PayPal fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per every donation sent. 
Because I am NOT a non-profit and I am NOT a business I can NOT add a PayPal button to this website and I can NOT offer automatic monthly donations, I’m sorry I wish I could.  

  1. You can send a check or money order donation, just email me and then I will send you my mailing address, I’ve decided not to post it and it’s not worth the money or time to rent a PO Box.