Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Be Sure to Check Out the Page Sections of This Blog Too!

Some days there are new posts and some days there aren’t.  

But some days I load new articles in the articles page and new books and studies in the books and studies page. Also every once in a while I make edits to the restrictions and regulations page to make it easier for everyone to stay compliant so keep an eye on that page too.

Do you know who your State Representatives are? How about your Federal Representatives? You can find out by clicking the links. 

When the 2014 General Assembly session begins in January I will add a G.A. page which could be updated daily and the VSP Monitoring Report page will also get updated with the new report that comes out the first week of January. 

I spend a lot of time making sure this site is user friendly, informative and current and I hope everyone who visits it finds something new each visit. 


Mary D. Devoy