Wednesday, July 24, 2013

eAdvocate- S1243 Senator Vitter Requests that his amendment - attacking sex offenders NOT be read into the record

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Here is an Alert from eAdvocate on a Federal Bill. 

7-24-2013 Washington DC:

Yesterday we reported that Sen. Vitter presented an amendment affecting certain sex offenders in a new bill S-1243. At that time we did not have the details of the amendment, but in the Congressional record we found where he presented the amendment (see below).

Pay particular attention to the fact, that, he asks the clerk to "dispense with reading the amendment" i.e., to not read it into the record. He doesn't want the public to know what it says!

Thankfully the clerk reads some part of it to give us an idea of its intent, but we still do not have the exact wording to properly analyze it. In addition, the bill text on Thomas was not updated to reflect what it says either. So below is all we have to report.

Note: ONE Senator voted AGAINST this amendment, Senator Rockafeller of West Virginia. He should be commended for standing up against this harmful amendment. His contact information is at the link. 

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