Friday, July 26, 2013

Virginia Domestic Violence Prevention and Response Advisory Board


I attended today's meeting at the Capitol, there might be one more meeting for 2013, in the autumn. But otherwise the Secretary of Public Safety will be working on the "recommendations" to the Governor for funding, programs, positions and proposed legislation.

It seemed that more Department of Criminal Justice Services employees are taking the lead on the issues that are being discussed by the Board. So I will begin keeping an eye on the DCJS’s website, summits, training and public meetings.

It seemed that more Department of Criminal Justice Services employees are taking the lead on the issues that are being discussed.

This Board was formed by an Executive Order (E.O), and it turns out Executive Orders can only be carried out 2 years in a row. So for the work of this group to carry on either a new E.O. will need to be made with a mission that is not identical to this one and a new or "tweaked" title or legislation would need to be submitted for a permanent board to be formed but funding would be required so that's not likely.

I expect a new E.O. with a new group name and a revised mission/goal will be the way the Administration goes before the November election and a then the new Governor and Secretary of Public Safety take office in January.

Original Post:

The Virginia Domestic Violence Prevention and Response Advisory Board schedules First Meeting of 2013. They used to include the term “Sexual Assault” in its title and still covers sexual issues, usually meets during the summer and autumn. 

The Board was first formed by Governor McDonnell in October of 2010 and first met in the spring of 2011; it is managed by the Secretary of Public Safety. 

The Commonwealth Calendar (as opposed to the LIS calendar) tracks these meetings and lists the first meeting of the Advisory Board as Tuesday July 30, 2013 at 10:00 AM. Location: Senate Room 3, Virginia State Capitol. 

The draft agenda for the upcoming DVPRAB meeting can be found here, which includes Campus Safety and Human Trafficking. 

Even though the Commonwealth established a Governor’s Task Force on School and Campus Safety after the December 2012 Sandy Hook shootings in Connecticut. This group/board is managed by the Governors Office meetings are scheduled for July 31st, August 13th, and September 25th 2013 at 1PM, no draft agendas are posted ahead of time for these meetings but afterwards an agenda can be found here. 

Not sure why there is an overlap of topics (Campus Safety) between the two groups.

Recommendations by either board/taskforce do not automatically become law in the Commonwealth. Any proposal approved by these groups must be submitted as a bill by a State Delegate and/or Senator during the yearly General Assembly session in Richmond which convenes on the second Wednesday in January. That bill must pass through both chambers (House and Senate) to then be sent to the Governor to be amended, vetoed or signed into law.
But recommendations by any State Board that are drafted into a bill are considered more valuable by the Legislature than a regular bill during session so it’s success rate is much higher. 

That is why anyone who is interested in legislation surrounding sexual, juvenile and school issues in Virginia should be knowledgeable about these two groups and what they are studying, discussing and recommending.