Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Virginia State Crime Commission Child Sexual Abuse Work Group Holds Second Meeting at Richmond Capitol

I previously posted the 2013 VSCC meeting schedule and issues here. 

Yesterday the Work Group held their second meeting at the Capitol to finish discussing these issues. 

Originally HJ 595 directed the Virginia Crime Commission to study one issue but as with many bills and resolutions during the yearly General Assembly session it was merged with another study and has 2 different parts. 

Part 1 – to study the laws and policies governing the investigation of alleged child sexual abuse in the Commonwealth; this is the reason for the Work Group. 

Part 2 – to study feasibility of creating a criminal penalty for sexual conduct between secondary school teachers and adult (18 year old) students. 

WTVR covered yesterday’s meeting and incorrectly titled their coverage of the Work Group meeting (Part 1) Commission studies child sex laws following teacher’s arrest, which is Part 2 and not being discussed by the Work Group. 

A bit misleading for their viewers so I wanted to make the distinction here for anyone who is following the VSCC’s 2013 schedule and watches WTVR.