Friday, August 16, 2013

Tracking Federal Bills in Washington D.C.: Bills That Concern Registered Sex Offenders and Misdemeanor Sexual Convictions but Also the Employment Opportunities, Housing and Food Stamps of Felons Under the Guise of Child Safety

Some bills are given catchy titles and some bills just go with the first sentence of the bill content.  

Sometimes bill titles are meant to stir up emotions like the Adam Walsh Act or Megan’s Law, guaranteed to pass because no elected official wants to be that cold-hearted “nay” vote. 

There are bill titles that are intentionally very misleading or vague like the Child Protection Act or Keep Kids Safe Act. And many of these titles get reused over the years so what one “Protection Act” does today is very different from what it did 2 years ago.  

Then there are bills that have nothing to do with registered sex offenders and I would normally not give them a second thought like the Department of State Operations and Embassy Security Authorization Act FY 2014 or the Agriculture Reform, Food, and Jobs Act of 2013 where at the last minute a lawmaker offers up an anti-sex offender amendment right before its ready to be passed out of committee and nobody wants to stop it from moving on so they accept the hateful, misapplied amendment. 

When there is an action alert for a bill I create a post for everyone to act on but I’ve been trying to decide if a dedicated Federal Bill page is needed with links to each bill, the sponsor, co-sponsor(s), text and history. Pages are a bit hidden and require a visitor to select the page so I was waiting to make a decision on how to list Federal bills for you to follow. 

Today I learned on that each bill has a widget available to load into blogs, so I’ve created a D.C. Bill Track section on the right-side-bar of this blog. Now at-a-glance visitors can see the full list of bills that are too broad, hate-driven instead of fact-driven, that have concerning text or new amendments that have no business in the bill to begin with.

I will continue with action alert posts for bill specific issues and if you aren’t sure who your Federal Representatives are just visit the Federal Representative page of this blog to find that information.  

If someone notices a current Federal bill that is missing from this blog list please send me an email advising me of the bill number and if it is something that needs monitoring I will add it right away. But if the bill is something reasonable like, all school/daycare employees and/or volunteers must submit to a criminal background check, that's a bill not worth tracking or opposing. That is an understandable and reasonable goal and if you disagree ,I’m sorry. 

I hope you’ll scroll down the page to see the new list of Federal Bills (a photo of the U.S. Capitol) and if this works out I won’t need to add a separate page for access to this information. One-stop shopping.

Thank you for being a follower and maybe even a supporter. 


Mary Devoy