Saturday, October 12, 2013

Action Alert! Federal Farm Bill: Denying Food Stamps / SNAP Benefits to Registered Sex Offenders, Their Spouses and Children

Majority Leader U.S. Congressman Eric Cantor (VA) Photo Opportunity/Volunteering at a Virginia Food Bank

eAdvocate has a new alert/post about the Federal Farm Bill coming up for a vote next week.
We've both been following the various "Food Stamp" Bills and tracking the versions. 

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10-12-2013 Washington DC 

Folks may remember my earlier post about all the different versions of the Farm Bill floating around in Congress (See HERE if you want to read that).

Well the US House has decided to consider ONE version next week: HR-2642 and -as written right now- if passed it will deny certain sex offenders Food Stamps if they apply for them. However, this version is NOT RETROACTIVE (the House recently removed the retroactive portion from this version. Confusing, yes), so it would only affect certain sex offenders with conviction dates -in the future-, assuming it passes as written today (See version 5 on the Thomas website).

So I think it best to keep the pressure on your US Representatives in Congress, asking them to REMOVE that section from the Farm Bill. In HR-2642 that section is titled "SEC. 4037. ELIGIBILITY DISQUALIFICATIONS FOR CERTAIN CONVICTED FELONS."

Just remember the nation needs a new Farm Bill, but without that particular section. So, e-mail, write and call your Reps. Right now that is the best we can suggest, and get your family members to do the same.

For now have a great day and a better tomorrow.