Thursday, October 3, 2013

ACTION ALERT: A Reporter From Mother Jones Magazine is Looking for Additional Examples of the Entrapment of Minors on Sex Offender Charges in Virginia

Please read the below and if you have any information on a similar situation here in Virginia please email me the details and your contact information and I will forward it all onto the reporter immediately.
Thank you!  


I am an investigative journalist with Mother Jones magazine. I recently began reporting on a story about some dubious cases of minors being charged with producing child pornography. One, in Virginia, involves a 17-year-old boy who posted an ad on Craigslist seeking a sex partner. A police officer contacted him under the guise of a 16-year-old girl. 
Evidence shows the officer confirmed that the boy's age was 17, then proceeded to entice the boy to send him a naked picture of himself. When he did, he was charged with producing child pornography. His charge was dropped in exchange for a lesser charge, but he is now battling his probation officer's attempt to force him to take a penile plethysmograph test.

Another case in the same town involves a 17-year-old boy sexting with his 16-year-old lover. He is facing child pornography charges.

After learning of these cases, I began wondering if there are more out there like them. My main interest is in learning whether there are other entrapment-like situations, where a minor is pushed into a sex offender situation by law enforcement.
I would very much like to speak to someone about this.