Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Do's and Dont's for Registered Sex Offenders in Virginia Only Apply to Those Under Probation Supervision

It’s Halloween. 

Do you know what you or your loved one who’s an RSO can or can not do tonight? 

In Virginia there is no law prohibiting RSO’s from participating in Halloween activities. They can do anything on Halloween including leaving their front door light on, decorate, hand out candy, wear a costume and accompany their child trick-or-treating.

BUT, if the RSO is under VA-DOC Probation Supervision then there are restrictions they must follow or face a probation violation. 

Keep in mind not only could your Probation Officer stop by your home tonight, but your VSP Sex Offender Compliance Officer might stop by and maybe even have a U.S. Marshal with them. If you are not on probation and you are not wanted, you are not required by law to let the VSP Officer or the U.S. Marshal enter your residence but you should do your best to make the uncomfortable situation as pleasant as possible for everyone including your family members, room-mates and neighbors.

You can find information about Halloween in Virginia for RSO’s in two spots on this blog. 

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How Safe Are Trick-or-Treaters? An Analysis of Child Sex Crime Rates on Halloween, by Mark Chaffin, Jill Levenson, Elizabeth Letourneau, and Paul Stern, July 6, 2009

Stay compliant, stay safe and have fun! 

Mary Devoy