Friday, October 18, 2013

Richmond Virginia Ministry Closes Homeless Shelter Because of Sex Offenders

Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Church in Richmond, VA did not renew their homeless shelter contract with the city because their insurance company considered the homeless sex offenders that the ministry assisted a liability for the church (see articles below). 

Now there will be one less shelter and possibly meals and clothing for Virginia’s Registered Sex Offenders who are already denied:

  • Access to HUD housing
  • Access to earned Veterans benefits
  • Access to higher education from most Virginia colleges and universities
  • Access to small business loans to start a business of their own
  • Employment because most employers don’t want their company name posted on VA Sex Offender Registry
  • Renting Rooms, Motels, Trailers and Apartments when other tenants complain
  • The ability to move to another country
  • And……….if Congress passes the current Federal Farm Bill, Food Stamps/ SNAP assistance
Registered Sex Offenders, their spouses and their children are the most denied and banished group in our country. No other subset of our society is treated so cruelly by our government.
But yet being a Registered Sex Offender isn’t punitive according to our lawmakers and courts, it’s just administrative. 

Yeah, right! 

Public Registries aren't designed to inform, they are designed to intimidate, suppress, banish and destroy.

Mary Devoy

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