Thursday, November 21, 2013

Action Alert for Federal Bill HR3502: Originally Titled, Addressing Victims Rights and Negatively Affecting Certain Sex Offenders, Renamed Nicole’s Law of 2013 - Sponsored by Congressman Chris Smith

HR3502 is sponsored by New Jersey Congressman Chris Smith who over the years has been the author of multiple versions International Megan’s Law restricting the Passports and International travel of all Registered Sex Offenders. Recently he inserted an IML amendment into a totally unrelated Embassy Operations and Security bill, HR2848. 

HR3502 "To encourage States to expand the protections offered to victims of sex offenses who are not in a familiar or dating relationship with the perpetrators of such offenses." 

eAdvocate has done a summary on this new bill HR3502 here, and I completely agree with his conclusion everyone should contact their U.S. Congress member and U.S. Senator(s) and ask them to vote “NO” on HR 3502. 

Decisions like this should be left up to the States, the Prosecutors and the Judges involved in the individual cases. This should NOT be a Federal mandate! 

Please call, email or write your Virginia Congressional Representative today! 

Thank you. 

Mary Devoy