Monday, November 25, 2013

Are You Finding the Information You are Looking For? It’s All Here.

Are you searching the web for Sex Offender related National Articles, Proposed Legislation, Legal Restrictions and Regulations, Real Recidivism Rates, Books and Studies by Experts in the Field, Recent Findings with the Static-99 Assessment Tool, How Much Virginia DOC Spends on Sex Offenders or that they use the STABLE-2007 and the ACUTE-2007 for assessment or the Expected Growth of the VCBR over in next 5 Years.  

Stop looking, It’s all here!
Some days you’ll find new posts on the home page of this blog, some days you won’t. That doesn’t mean there isn’t anything new here.  

Almost daily I load new articles in the articles page 

If you are looking for an old article and can’t find it, I probably moved it to the archived page. 

Some weeks I add new books, studies and reports in the books and studies page (including a Virginia section near the bottom of the page, lots of information available there). 

Every once in a while I make edits to the restrictions and regulations page to make it easier for everyone to stay complaint so keep an eye on this page. 

One of the Top 10 most popular posts on this blog is, What Are The Laws Restricting Registered Sex Offenders From Traveling Across the U.S. or Internationally? Obviously this is information folks across the U.S. (per the blog stats) are looking for and are finding it right here. 

Very soon before the 2014 Virginia General Assembly session begins in January I will add a G.A. page which will be updated almost daily. 

Are You Ready for 2014 General Assembly? 

The VSP Monitoring Report page will also get updated in the next few weeks with the new 2014 report that comes out the first week of January. I will then adjust the 5 years of growth chart with the new numbers from the 2014 report and the new percentage of female offenders that I finally found without any help from the VSP.

Do you know what AWA and SORNA are? 

Do you know what states have ruled portions of AWA or portions of their registries as unconstitutional? 

Do you know that Virginia is in a very small minority of States that foolishly, publically shame Employers who hire RSO’s?

Do You know How a Bill Becomes a Law in Virginia? 

Do you know what Federal Bills are being proposed and voted on by our Federal Legislators in Washington, D.C.? 

Do you know who your State Representatives are? How about your Federal Representatives? You can find out by clicking the links. 

I spend a lot of time making sure this site is informative and current and I hope everyone who visits it finds something new each visit. Sometimes the search box works and sometimes it doesn’t I do my best to add the best “tags” to posts and pages but there is a limited number of characters allowed. 

In just 21 weeks this bog has received more than 7,600 page views from across the world (per the blog stats), proving that this blog was desperately needed not just for Virginians but for RSO’s everywhere.  

I’ve also heard from many of you thanking me for the last 5 years of advocacy, for being a public figure at State meetings and hearings and for keeping you all up-to-date when hateful, myth-based legislation is proposed and for directing you towards the correct people to contact plus what to say when you’re at a loss for words. 

Since this is the week we are all giving thanks for our blessings, gifts, strengths and lives, I wanted to take a minute and thank you all for utilizing this blog. Thank you for taking action on the "action-alerts" and for introducing yourselves to your State and Federal Representatives. I know how difficult it can be to step-outside of your comfort zone, to speak up for people who are wrongly perceived as worthless and vial but it gets easier the more you do it and they begin to pay attention the more they hear from you, so keep up the great work!  

Reform will happen; I have seen it over these last 5 years since I am out talking to the lawmakers and walking the halls of the G.A. building. Persistence pays off especially when its foundation consists of facts, empirical evidence, successful re-entries and family support as opposed to the historic path of myth, hype and fear. Ignorance leads to fear and if we educate those who have the authority to legislate then the fear will dissipate and we will become a better, stronger society. 

Thank you all! 


Mary Davye Devoy