Monday, November 18, 2013

Elizabeth Coast Says She’s Sorry for the False Sexual Accusation that Sent Jonathan Montgomery to a Virginia Prison Where He Spent 4 Years Before She Recanted and He Served the Full 7.5 Year Sentence

I recently posted about the one year anniversary of the false accusation being made pubic, the wrongful conviction and "conditional pardon" with release from prison of Jonathan Montgomery. 

This evening Elizabeth Coast who told the lie that sent this innocent man to prison, that took away any prospect of a bright future that includes (as of today) being forced to register as a sex offender tells WVEC she’s sorry and would like to apologize to Jonathan Montgomery in person. 

Coast wants to apologize in person to man she wrongly sent to prison, November 18, 2013
VIDEO EXTRA: Elizabeth Coast Interview Part 1
VIDEO EXTRA: Elizabeth Coast Interview Part 2

Woman who falsely accused man of sex crimes says she's sorry, November 18, 2013

Tomorrow Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will argue for Jonathan Montgomery’s innocence in his actual innocence case before the Court of Appeals of Virginia.  Virginia law does not allow courts to free convicted felons on the basis of alleged perjured testimony unless a court first evaluates whether the testimony was actually false a.k.a. Virginia’s 21-Day Rule. 

Hopefully Jonathan’s name will be cleared very soon and his requirement to register thrown out so he can finally have a life without the shame and fear that comes along with being an RSO.

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