Monday, November 18, 2013

Proposed Bills for the 2014 Virginia General Assembly Session Begin Posting Today and Continue on for the Next 9 Weeks

Recently I posted 
Which directs readers towards the options available to track bills during session, how to learn who your  State Delegate and State Senator are and their contact information. Also, that I will start a 2014 General Assembly Session page on this blog in the next few weeks and the options for receiving post notices from this blog.

Today, November 18, 2013 is the first day of prefiling for bills of the 2014 General Assembly session, I received the first of many LIS email’s this morning. 

Per the University of Virginia Office of State Governmental Relations page here are some other key dates for the Virginia 2014 General Assembly session. 

Monday, December 16 2013–          Governor presents Budget Bill
Wednesday, January 8 2014-          Prefiling ends at 10AM, Session convenes at 12PM
Friday, January 17 2014-                   Bill Cut-off (Last day to introduce / submit a bill to LIS)
Tuesday, February 11 2014-             Cross-Over Day, the half-way point of the yearly session. For a Bill  to continue through the session it has to have made it completely through the first Chamber by Cross-Over Day so that it can move on to the second chamber to start the process over again. Any bill that is still sitting in committee by Cross-Over Day has “died-on-the-vine” and is no more.
Saturday, March 8 2014-                  2014 Session Adjourns
Wednesday April 16 2014-               Reconvened Session is Held, (AKA “Veto” session) is held on the 6th Wednesday after session adjournment for bills the Governor amended or rejected. A Governors veto can be overridden with a 2/3 vote in both House and the Senate in a special session. 

From today until late on Friday January 17, 2014 proposed bills that could become law on July 1st will be posted on LIS and emailed out hourly to those who sign up for notifications.  

When new Co-Sponsor/Co-Patrons are added onto a bill there is no notification (you just have to remember to check the main page for that bill). Also additional Co-Sponsors don’t usually occur until after a bill has made it through the first committee hearing or even a vote in the first chamber. 

I will do my best to keep you up-to-date with alerts, updates, bullet points on opposing a bill and who to contact over the next 3.5 months. 

Mary Devoy