Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Richmond, Virginia December 12, 2013: A Vigil for the Wrongfully Convicted and Actually Innocent

A Vigil for the “Wrongfully Convicted and Actually Innocent" to be held from 8:30 am to 9:30 am on December 12 at the Capitol Square Bell Tower (900 Bank St, Richmond, VA 23219). 

After the Vigil ends participants will walk around the General Assembly Building, Old City Hall, the Governor’s Office (Patrick Henry Bldg.), past the Governor’s Mansion, and back to Capitol Square, where some us will attend meetings at the General Assembly Building being held that day while others prepare for a press conference and film screening.

At 12 noon, a press conference (limited access) will be held in the House Briefing Room (first floor of the General Assembly Bldg. adjacent to House Room C). Delegate Joe Morrissey has set the press conference from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm to discuss the work that has been done thus far to advance the Writ of Actual Innocence in Virginia and what is upcoming for the 2014 Legislative Session. (Check the Media Guide: Virginia General Assembly for details on obtaining press passes.) 

Immediately following the press conference (1:00 pm) a screening of the documentary film, Target of Opportunity: The US Navy SEALS and the Murder of Jennifer Evans, from JD Leete, is planned (location TBA) with a follow-up panel and Q & A session. The filmmaker, JD Leete, will be participating in this and other screenings and panel discussions being scheduled for that week. 

Numerous organizations, AdvoCare, The Dustin Turner Coalition for Justice, Virginian’s for Judicial Reform (VJR), Resource Information Help for the Disadvantaged (R.I.H.D.), Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants (CURE), Plea for Justice Program, Working Narratives/Nation Inside, and Golden Badge are coming together for the "Vigil for the Wrongfully Convicted and Actually Innocent" and other events.
While this Vigil, as well as other events during that day and week, are planned in Virginia to address the seriously antiquated laws protecting (or not protecting) from the wrongful conviction of innocent persons and the slow transformation over the past decade or so of these laws; it is our hope that organizations nationwide will lend their support by listing themselves and perhaps even conducting events of their own. Of course, we would love to have as many participants as possible in Richmond on December 12th.

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