Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tuesday is Election Day 2013: You Can Vote for Virginia’s Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General and Your House of Delegates Representative

On November 5, 2013 Virginians will be voting for Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General, here are the candidates. The Governor and Lieutenant Governor are elected separately (not on a one party ticket) it is possible we could have a Republican and a Democrat elected to work together. 

In this years election there is one current State Senator running for Lieutenant Governor and two Senators running for Attorney General, if any of these candidates win an Administration position on November 5th then there will need to be a special election for their State Senate seats. Those districts could be unrepresented for the first few weeks of the yearly General Assembly session depending on the date the Governor selects for the special election. If you live in one of these three districts you need to know of a special election date being set, who those candidates are and if any bills during the session pass through the Senate chamber when there is no representative for your district available to vote. 

The Lieutenant Governor is not just first in the line of succession to the governor but is the presiding officer of the State Senate during the yearly General Assembly session, pursuant to the Constitution of Virginia. The Lt. Governor can cast a tie-breaking vote in the Senate (40 District seats) key procedural issues but not on the state budget, taxes, the election of judges and amendments to the Virginia Constitution Those bills require the approval of a majority of members elected to the Senate. 

Most Virginians will be voting for their representative in the Virginia House. All 100 seats in the House are up for re-election; more than 40 districts only have the incumbent running unopposed so there is no real race. But there are 12 House seats with no incumbent running so no matter who wins it will be someone with new ideas and opinions.  

To see who is running for Delegate in your district, here are the candidates.  

You should contact the candidates in your district, introduce yourself, tell them what issues concern you and let them know you will be voting on November 5th. Have your family and friends do the same. 

Delegates and Senators listen to their constituents and they know if you’re a registered voter or not and if you are a voter then they listen much more intently. 

Every candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates this November has been contacted by me a few times since June so if they are elected and take office in January right before the 2014 General Assembly session begins they will already know who I am and about this platform.  

Be sure that your voice is heard this Tuesday November 5th 2013. VOTE! 

Mary Devoy