Saturday, November 9, 2013

Virginias 6th Senate Candidate Information and Special Primary / Nominating Dates and Locations

Update November 11, 2013: 

Some interesting facts about how a special election date is set in Virginia (see link to OpEd below). 
Personal and Political Party agendas can deprive an entire District from having a representative at the yearly General Assembly session if the Governor wants to stack the deck for his/her party or legislative agenda. 
This issue needs to be resolved with legislation! 

Editorial: A post-election scramble - and wait, November 11, 2013

Original Post:
Senator Ralph Northam won the election last week to be our next Lieutenant Governor, leaving his Senate Seat in the 6th District vacant.  

The 6th District includes:
-          Accomack County (All)
-          Mathews County (All)
-          Norfolk City (Part)
-          Northampton County (All)
-          Virginia Beach City (Part) 

A Virginia Political blog that I follow has all the information about the Special Primary dates and locations even though a date for the election has not yet been set by Governor McDonnell as well as the candidates.

If you or a family member lives in the 6th District, please note the date for the Democrat Primary and the date for the Republican Primary are different. Please do some research on the candidates and then go vote! 

As of today the winner of the Virginia Attorney General election is still undetermined and may not be known for another few weeks delaying a Special Primary and a Special Election for the Senate seat of that winner but when it is announced I will post the information here for those of you in the appropriate district to be informed.