Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A.G. Cuccinelli is Using Fear and Hysteria to Justify Virginia’s 10 year Refusal to Amend Our Anti-Sodomy Law



#1-  Attorney General Cuccinelli's vindictive website is up, I refuse to link to it from this blog but anyone that is interested can find it from this article.


Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Cuccinelli Launches Website in Support of Anti-Sodomy Law, July 16. 2013

#2- Watch MSNBC's Larry O'Donnell dissect the Virginia Sodomy/Crimes Against Nature Statute and Cuccinelli's misleading and false claims.

It's a shame Mr. O'Donnell did not go into how the 90 RSO's would not "just be removed from the Virginia Sex Offender Registry" as claimed on Cuccinelli's new website and to the media. It would take each and everyone of them filing a habeas corpus which would have to go through the courts and we've all seen the Norfolk 4's denial on that. Cuccinelli's claim that these 90 Virginians are just going to be released from the registry is completely false and he knows it. But hype and fear is what incenses the public and wins elections!


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Original Post

Ever since Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli began his Federal challenge (see article below) to keep Virginia’s anti-sodomy statute I’ve been saying the Virginia General Assembly could have fixed the issue of adults and minors engaging in oral or anal sex by changing the verbiage in the statute years ago. But NO the Commonwealth must be perceived as conservative, as anti ANY sex that isn’t “regular” and if it looks like the state is anti-homosexual, well that’s a bonus! 

Well the refusal over the last 10 years to edit/amend Virginia’s unconstitutional statute could now backfire against the entire Commonwealth who’s Prosecutors (Commonwealth Attorney’s) kept using it as the main charge with adults who had contact with minors in such a manner.  

So what does Cuccinelli do? His Campaign-for-Governor announces they are creating a website or a link (I haven’t been able to find it yet) that lists the 90 Registered Sex Offenders who were convicted under the unconstitutional statute because they might have a case against the state to have their convictions overturned. Many of these 90 RSO’s are living their lives in our communities; they are compliant and there are attempting to provide housing and food for their families. All their information can be found on the Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry, but our “Governor-Wanna-Be” is now using these 90 citizens’ photos, names, residential addresses and employment information as fuel to the fire he wants to keep burning under the guise of public safety.

These 90 RSO’s are just a “stepping stone” for Mr. Cuccinelli, he doesn’t care that by holding them up as examples of Virginia’s unconstitutional convictions could very well result in them losing their jobs, losing their homes, losing their families who are now put under even a brighter spotlight than the registry already creates or that their property might be damaged, they could be verbally harassed or worse. All because some vigilante believes this political hype and decides to take matters into their own hands. An RSO who has a job, has a home and can provide for their family who gives that offender support and love is an offender who registers and so the public know who they are and where they are. But an offender with no job, no home and no support is an offender that the public does not of their whereabouts and is an offender that has nothing to lose meaning they are much more likely to commit a new crime, creating a new victim. 

By holding these 90 Virginians up as an example Mr. Cuccinelli has actually put a target on their backs. Either as a failed re-entry back into society or as a public punching bag by anyone who believes they might get removed from our registry. 

I personally feel that this shameless action by Mr. Cuccinelli is harassment and intimidation against the 90 Virginians, but I’m not an attorney so I can’t be sure. 

I just hope and pray that none of these 90 Virginians or their family members suffers a backlash based on Mr. Cuccinelli’s reckless political maneuver to appear tough-on-predators. If any of the RSO’s do lose employment, a rental property or worse we will all know it’s not because they’ve been an RSO for years but because Mr. Cuccinelli used them as a sacrifice to justify 10 years of refusing to fix our sodomy statute.  

After all..... their just Registered Sex Offenders, who cares anything about them or their families, certainly not the Virginia Administration? 


Cuccinelli looks to go on offense against McAuliffe over Virginia anti-sodomy law
By Ben Pershing, July 16. 2013

When Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II challenged a federal appeals court ruling that deemed the state’s anti-sodomy law unconstitutional, Democrats pounced, accusing the Republican of pursuing an anti-gay agenda. 

Now Cuccinelli’s campaign for governor is looking to turn the tables on opponent Terry McAuliffe, casting it as an issue of protecting children from predators and pushing the Democratic gubernatorial nominee to take a side. 

Cuccinelli’s campaign is launching a Web site Wednesday that shows 90 Virginia sex offenders who have been prosecuted under the state’s anti-sodomy law since 2003, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that sodomy statutes criminalizing sexual activity between consenting adults were unconstitutional. Visitors can enter their Zip code and see “offenders who live or work near you, who may be removed from the Sex Offender Registry if Ken doesn’t win this appeal.” 

McAuliffe, the site says, is “playing politics instead of protecting our children.”