Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Vigilante Harassment, Intimidation or Murder of Registered Sex Offenders or Their Family Members Should Be Included Under Hate Crimes, Especially if Carried Out By Members of Established Hate Groups

For a few days now I have lamented about the South Carolina couple who were murdered in their own home by a white-supremacist and his wife.  

The story has received some press ( ,, , ) that I have posted in the articles page of this blog but the story certainly has not been picked up by mainstream outlets. Why would it be? Most citizens would consider the murdered couple deserving of the hate driven attack by these supposed KKK followers/members. Oh, not because the murdered couple was a minority, they weren’t Jewish or even homosexual; if they had been then it would be more widely publicized. Citizens would be outraged if anyone from those three groups were the target of a vigilante attack.  

I didn’t know the murdered couple or the presumed perpetrators. 

It didn’t happen here in Virginia. 

So why can’t I get this story out of my mind? Why do I care?  

Instead of Charles Parker, 59, and his wife, Gretchen, 51 being savagely stabbed and shot to death in their home after offering to assist a supposedly stranded Jeremy Moody, 30, and his wife Christine, 36 ….it could have happened to my family or 20,000+ other Virginian families. 

So why were the Parker’s targeted? 

Charles Parker was a Registered Sex Offender. His photo, name, home address and a map of how to get to the front door of that address were all publicly listed on the South Carolina Sex Offender Registry. 

So when Charles and Gretchen Parker decided to take it upon themselves to murder some registered sex offenders because they assumed all RSO’s are “pedophiles” and “demons” all they had to do was print some pages from their states public registry (found inside their vehicle). The Moody’s were the Parker’s first stop and if there hadn’t been video recordings of the Parker’s on the property during the crime they had more names and addresses to move onto that week. 

The Moody’s like so many registered sex offenders installed not only a basic security system but cameras that dated, stamped and recorded all activity surrounding their home and property because they feared a vigilante attack of some sort.