Wednesday, August 28, 2013

NBC12-Richmond Finds Registered Sex Offender Working at Chesterfield County Virginia Fair and Gets Him Fired

NBC12’s crack investigative reporting is at work again! 

The Chesterfield County Fair is in full swing and when it comes to crimes being committed at a large public event there are pick-pockets and purse snatchers, there are scam games that no one can win, there are vehicle break-ins, there are fights and maybe gang activity and there are drugs being sold and being used. A virtual pot-of-gold for investigative journalists. 

So what does NBC12 uncover? 

A Wisconsin man who entertains spectators with a chainsaw who has a criminal past from 18 years ago, Oh and he's a registered sex offender (see article below). 

The man wasn’t breaking any VA or WI laws, he wasn’t violating any rules of probation, he wasn’t violating any fair policies, there were no complaints against him for “pervy behavior” and his conviction was 18 years ago. 

He wasn’t running a daycare or making cotton-candy to be around children, he’s a lumberjack. 

He found a way to make money with his only skill and NBC12 took it all away for a 3 minute story, they got him fired.