Thursday, September 19, 2013

Private Prison Industry: Making Profits By Incarcerating, Detaining, Starving and Denying Basic Medical Care All Because the States Don’t Want the Responsibility / Cost Anymore

Even in my boring day-to-day errands and tasks my advocacy and this platform seeps into conversation.

Today I met a young man at his place of business who was assisting me and I mentioned his company invests in Private Prisons and that is why I was ceasing all business with his company, something I had meant to do for a few years but first I had to make other arrangements. I regret not making the change sooner.

He not only was unaware that his employer invests in this deplorable industry, but he wasn’t even aware this practice existed and asked for more information which I happily provided.  We discussed the for-profit prison system where inmates are denied 3 meals a day, denied basic medical care, have a high rate of death and must pay exorbitant canteen and telephone services. Then I explained how these companies must keep their beds full so they lobby individual State Legislatures and the Federal Government to pass mandatory minimum laws and to increases sentences so that their “customers” will be required to stay a certain amount of time no matter what a judge or jury may have thought about their specific case. Then of course I touched on the Virginia Sex Offender Registry and how we’ve swept up not only innocent citizens but by publicly labeling them a “predator” we’ve destroyed any chance for them ever to succeed at anything. When we were saying goodbye and he stated he was very interested in learning more I handed him a business card and then realized since starting this blog on July 1st  (after departing from RSOL-VA) I haven’t addressed private prisons here.

In Virginia we have one GEO Group run State Prison. Plus there is a Federal Immigration Detainment/Detention facility in Virginia that most citizens have never heard of.

So I am going to list some basic information on the Private Prison industry including articles and reports for anyone who is interested in this issue and I hope once you understand that allowing a private company to manage the incarceration, rehabilitation or detention of people for a profit is a violation of human rights. And ANY company or individual who invests in this vial practice is making money on the suffering, convictions and even on the deaths of other people.

Mary Devoy

False Justice: Eight Myths That Convict the Innocent by Jim Petro and Nancy Petro

One of the blogs I follow, Wrongful Convictions posted a video of Jim and Nancy Petro today and referenced their 2011 book. I was curious so I previewed the book’s contents and not only am I going to buy the book but I’ve added it to the list of recommended Books, Studies and Reports for followers,

1.       “Everyone in prison claims innocence”
2.       “Our system almost never convicts an innocent person”
3.       “Only the guilty confess”
4.       “Wrongful convictions are caused by innocent human error”
5.       “An eyewitness is the best testimony”
6.       “Conviction errors get corrected on appeal”
7.       “It dishonors the victim to question a conviction”
8.      “If the justice system has problems the pros will fix it” 

All great points, I can’t wait to read the book! 
For now I'll watch the video.