Friday, October 11, 2013

Alabama 15 year old Christian Adamek Commits Suicide Due to the Lack of Common Sense and the Overreaction and Over-Criminalization of Everything in the U.S.


On the 8th I posted an article on this tragic case where an Alabama 15 year old who streaked across his high schools football field committed suicide after being threatened by the principal with criminal charges and a lifetime stigma as a sex offender. 

Today I found this Op/Ed and I just had to post it. 


Op-Ed: Florida Governor's candidate speaks on bullying in Adamek suicide, October 11, 2013

An Alabama boy, Christian Adamek, hanged himself on October 2, 2013. A week prior, he streaked nude across the field during a football game. He was threatened with arrest and being labeled a sex offender for life.

Adamek, 15, wasn’t a troubled youth with a massive criminal record. In fact, he was literally a Boy Scout. He played football and baseball. His mother, Angela Adamek, spoke to Christian’s friends at his memorial service on Wednesday.

“Remember to smile, don’t be afraid to do something goofy and remember the consequences of those actions, ask for help when you need it, ask for help if you think your friends need it if you don’t know what to do, be quirky, be happy, be smart,” 

Adrian Wyllie, Libertarian candidate for Governor of Florida, spoke out about the “bullies” in this suicide today via his Facebook page 

Bullying can have very tragic consequences.  

But, the "bullies" are not always fellow students. Often, they are the mindless bureaucrats in our government and schools.  

Christian Adamek, 15, is dead as a result of government bullying.  

Christian "streaked" naked across the field during a high school football game at Sparkman High School in Alabama. Most of us would view this as a funny, mildly offensive prank. We would probably stifle a laugh and feign disapproval for the benefit of the students in the stands.  

What is the appropriate punishment in this case? Parents grounding him? Yes. A few days suspension from school? Sure.  

Sadly, local authorities took a very different approach. Christian was arrested, jailed, and threatened with expulsion from school. They further threatened to charge him with a sex crime, and register him as a sex offender.  

In short, authorities wanted to guarantee his life would never be the same. Rather than face these unnecessarily cruel and unusual punishments, Christian committed suicide.  

Mr. Cuccinelli Take Down Your Predator Website

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli launched a shameless website this past July 17th   to justify his court appeal to keep Virginia’s anti-sodomy statute on the books under the guise “for the safety of the children”. 

The Cuccinelli “Predator” website lists the name, home address, employer/company name and work address of 90 completely compliant Virginia Sex Offenders who were prosecuted under Virginia’s anti-sodomy law, with the loaming threat that the 90 will be removed from the Virginia Registry if the unconstitutional anti-sodomy law isn’t upheld.  

For the last 3 months Mr. Cuccinelli has been using these 90 Virginians as a career “stepping stone” in his race to be our next Governor. 

By holding these 90 Virginians up as an example Mr. Cuccinelli has actually put a target on their backs. Either as a failed re-entry back into society or as a public punching bag by anyone who believes they might actually be removed from our registry if the anti-sodomy law remains unconstitutional. 

For the last 10 years Virginia could have re-written the anti-sodomy statute or created a new statute directed towards adults who engage in sex acts with minors but no real effort was ever made to make a new law. Why? 

The underlying goal was for the Commonwealth to be perceived as ultra-conservative, as anti-homosexual and anti non-missionary sex using the smoke-screen of child predators. 

On Tuesday Mr. Cuccinelli lost his last chance to have the anti-sodomy law upheld when the U.S. Supreme Court denied his request to consider reinstating the law. 

Those 90 Virginians whose information was taken from the Virginia State Police Registry (which seems like a violation of the registry information to me) to make the Predator website, will not be automatically removed from the registry and disappear into our communities. It would take each of the offender’s years of legal filings and court hearings to have their convictions and the requirement to register thrown out and the likelihood of that is very low. Plus most registered sex offenders can not afford the basics like rent, food and heat because no employer wants to be listed on the Virginia Registry so hiring legal representation to attempt a removal is very unlikely.  

But if they are successful in being removed because they were convicted under a statute that everyone knew was unconstitutional for the last 10 years and the state continued to use it anyway that’s not the fault of the 90 Virginians that’s the fault of the Virginia Legislature. 

Now that all the A.G.’s challenges to keep sodomy illegal in Virginia have failed, how long will Cuccinelli’s vindictive Predator website remain up? I’m guessing at least until after November’s election, maybe longer. 

Don’t believe that 90 offenders will be automatically removed from the Virginia registry or that the sodomy statue was continually used by the Commonwealth because it was the only way to protect your children.  

It’s all political hype for our Governor-wanna-be Mr. Cuccinelli. 

Mary Devoy

Virginia Campaign Fear-Mongering: If All Else Fails Go to the Tried and True Sex Offender Hype

Human Trafficking has been a popular issue/platform for the last 3-4 Virginia General Assembly sessions.

So it’s no surprise that one of the November candidates for Virginia Governor, Lt. Governor or Attorney General has a Human Trafficking Campaign Commercial. 

What is surprising is that one of the candidates spins it so the other candidate is a “sex-offender sympathizer” 

Senator Obenshain running for Attorney General recent campaign commercial claims Senator Herring doesn’t care about Human Trafficking in his own district then the commercial states, “Herring introduces no legislation to combat them, he votes against tougher sentences for sex offenders". 

Shame on you Senator Obenshain!  

Mary Devoy

October 7, 2013 Subscription Required: Cuccinelli, Obenshain ads target rivals on coal, crime policy Obenshain's ad, his third in recent weeks and first to go negative, blames Herring for "falsely attacking" the Republican while ignoring gangs "targeting women and children" and doing little about the problem.
"But Herring introduces no legislation to combat them. Votes against tougher sentences for sex offenders," says a narrator as a graphic flashes on screen highlighting a 2013 anti-crime bill Herring once voted against.
That legislation lengthening jail time for certain serious weapons, drug and sex crimes unanimously cleared the divided Virginia Senate this winter with Obenshain, R-Harrisonburg, and Herring, D-Loudoun County, voting for it.
The bill met opposition after Gov. Bob McDonnell amended it, becoming law with the governor's changes over objections from Herring and 16 other senators.

October 4, 2013: Governor Bob McDonnell issued an Executive Directive calling upon the Secretary of Public Safety and other members of his Cabinet to establish an Anti-Human Trafficking Coordinating Committee to assure that the Commonwealth’s response to human trafficking is comprehensive and coordinated.  He announced the issuance of the Executive Directive during his remarks at the first-ever Governor’s Summit on Human Trafficking today in Richmond. 

August 20, 2013:  Senator Mark Obenshain Announces Measures to Combat Human Trafficking in Virginia