Tuesday, November 19, 2013

U.S. Profits from Baiting Viewers of Child Porn: Google and Microsoft Take Steps to Re-Program Search Engines to Block Child Porn Images in U.K. but Not in U.S.

Yesterday Google and Microsoft (which operates Bing and Yahoo search engines) announced that they will reprogram their search engines to block more than 100,000 unique terms / phrases associated with illegal child pornography.  When a term is searched that is associated to child abuse a clear warning message from Google and child safety organizations will appear explaining the consequences of the searcher’s actions and pointing them toward expert help. (See numerous articles below) 

This reprogram proposal to protect children, to stop them from being re-victimization by having their abuse viewed time-and-time-again is ONLY being implemented in Britain with future European countries to follow in the next 6 months. 

Why not in the United States?  

Why would Google U.S. and Microsoft U.S. not join in the prevention of illegal child pornography from being viewed, shared and distributed across the Internet? 

Some Americans may complain such action is censorship. 

Some may complain these filters will block legal materials from being accessed. 

But I believe the U.S. is not joining in on this initiative for one reason, MONEY. 

When it comes to criminal offenses, sexual offenses although a very small percentage of the overall crime rate are considered the most heinous and deserve the most severe punishment (according to Lawmakers and Victim’s Advocates). Even though the recidivism rate for sexual conviction is the second lowest of all crimes. 

Every year new laws are proposed and passed in the U.S., there are State laws (50 states) and there are Federal laws (Washington, D.C.). Some crimes can overlap and be charged as State and Federal, like with Child Pornography and Human Trafficking. Resulting in State and Federal Legislators attempting to out-do each other in proposing and passing harsher, longer and more expansive laws.

In 2013 for Virginia the #1 proposed bills was “Sex Offender” related bills, including Child Pornography. 

Funding for Victim’s Rights, Children Safety and Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforces /ICAC (including on-line sting operations) come from both State and Federal Departments. Every year new grants are created and funded to not just support these initiatives but to expand them. MONEY. 

Mandatory minimums aren’t just a problem with drug convictions but they are beyond excessive when it comes to sexual offenses. Currently viewing, possessing and distributing child pornography carry much harsher sentences than producing (being the person who physically abused the child), manufacturing and selling of child pornography. Mandatory minimums guarantee prison beds will be filled for a certain amount of time and right now the viewers outnumber the producers/ abusers. Keeping DOC employees (Prison, Probation, Parole) employed. MONEY. 

Crime Victim Compensation, Asset Forfeiture and Victim Restitution / Reparations are expanding and increasing every year in Child Pornography convictions, more than any other crime in the U.S. MONEY. 

If the U.S. Government really wanted to stop the distribution and viewing of child pornography on-line, the fastest and most effect path would be to find the owners of these websites, to shut-them down and to prosecute THEM, not their customers / members. 

Community of the Wrongly Accused: When children engage in sex, why are the boys charged but the girls aren't?

It’s a hypocritical, legal double standard and it happens in almost every state!


When children engage in sex, why are the boys charged but the girls aren't?

A disturbing story out of Milwaukee. An 18-year-old man is in jail, accused of raping and sexually molesting four high school girls. He admits to having sexual relations with them but says it was consensual. And he says the charges against him aren't fair: even though all the girls were under the age of consent when the alleged crimes happened, so was he. Yet he was charged and the girls weren't.

"And I'm engaging in sexual activity with students too young to give consent. Well, I was too young to give consent," he said Monday from jail. "So if I'm too young to give consent and they're too young to give consent, then who's the one who's supposed to take the blame for this?"

He says months went by after the alleged crimes happened, and he hadn't heard about a problem. After he turned 18, he says detectives showed up to arrest him at his work. He was fired. Walter says he's scared to be in jail, and he's worried that if he's guilty he'll have to register as a sex offender. And even if he's not guilty, the accusations will follow him for the rest of his life. He said he has been in jail for two weeks now and hasn't talked to an attorney yet.

Shades of Milton Academy, the infamous case out of Massachusetts several years ago. A 15-year-old girl engaged in group sex with five teenage boys in the boys’ locker room. They were 16. The boys, and only the boys, were expelled and charged with statutory rape, and the court ordered the boys to publicly apologize to the girl and her family, and to do community service.

Alan M. Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor and criminal defense lawyer whose daughter attended Milton Academy, said this:”This represents the most senseless use of prosecutorial discretion I’ve seen in a long time.” He added:”The idea that these youngsters should be branded rapists and the girl should be labeled a victim is preposterous.”

Read on only if you want to get your blood boiling. The 16-year-old boys read their apologies to the girl and her family, in open court, as part of their plea bargain. One boy read this: ”Not a day has passed since the incident that I don’t wish I had shown more respect for you, myself, and everyone involved. I understand that by taking part I put myself in a very dangerous situation with consequences none of us had dreamed of.” Another boy read this: ”Every day I am sorry, so sorry, for what happened. And every day I think of how hurt you must be and how upset your family must be. More than anything in the world I wish that I could turn back the clock. . . . All I can do at this point is truly and sincerely apologize for my actions and wish you happiness.”

The girl's family sat there stony-faced as the boys were publicly emasculated.