Sunday, December 8, 2013

Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission December 2013 Report: Increases On-Line Solicitation Sentences

Update December 13, 2013: 

PROTECT is opposing the VCSC proposal to balance the sentences of child pornography possession/distribution compared to production. See their new Report here.  

This is the first time I’ve seen the VCSC actually reduce a sentence and PROTECT is against it, surprise, surprise. 
Judges across the country have long stated that the mandatory minimums for possession and distribution being harsher than that of production are unbalanced and unfair and Virginia is actually taking a positive step forward to rectify this unbalance.  

If any Virginia Delegate of Senator proposes a bill for PROTECT at the upcoming session to stop this change from occurring on July 1, 2014 I will oppose the bill and I will do so based on facts, not vengeance, fear and myth! The PROTECT report says Delegate Ben Cline is opposing the VCSC recommendation, good chance he will be patroning a bill next month.

I'm already preparing my opposition statement with tid-bits from the report! 


Original Post:

I have previously posted about the Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission, see dates below. 

-          November 7, 2013:   
-          September 9, 2013: 
-          July 7, 2013:                

In the November post I alerted every one of the 2 recommendations that were expected to be included in the annual VCSC Report that will become law in Virginia on July 1st 2014, unless a Virginia Delegate or Senator proposes a bill /legislation to stop the recommendation from becoming law and that bill gets signed by the Governor. 

Well, the December 2013 Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission Report is available on-line now and those two recommendations are in the report. 

Also in the report readers will find much more detail about the Virginia Sex Offender Risk Assessment (for Sentencing Purposes) scoring, for those who are interested in that detail. 

As noted in the November 7th post, if you disagree with the VCSC recommendations that would take effect on July 1st 2014 email or call your one State Delegate and your one State Senator asking them to propose a bill objecting to the recommended change at the upcoming General Assembly session. This needs to be done immediately!

Thank you! 


January 7, 2014 Virginia Special Election for House 11th District Seat and Senate 6th District Seat



January 7th 2014 Election Winners: 
New Delegate 11th District - Samuel Rasoul  (D)
New Senator 6th District -    Del. Lynwood Lewis (D) announced on January 10th
Election for Northam's Senate seat likely headed for recount, January 7, 2014
Sam Rasoul easily takes Roanoke House of Delegates seat, January 7, 2014

Original Post:

  • Virginia Senator Ralph Northam (6th District) won the November 5, 2013 election for Virginia Lieutenant Governor.
  • Virginia Delegate Onzlee Ware (11th District) announced his retirement on November 15, 2013
Governor Bob Mc Donnell has selected January 7, 2014 as the Special Election date for these two seats to be filled in time for the constituents of these two districts to be represented when the 2014 Virginia General Assembly begins on January 8, 2014 in Richmond. 

The current recount for Virginias Attorney General winner means we don’t know if Senator Mark Herring (33rd District) or if Senator Mark Obenshain (26th District) seat needs to be filled. Who ever is declared the winner of the A.G.’s race, their Senate district will most likely not be represented during the 2014 session because of the time needed to nominate a Democratic and a Republican candidate and to schedule a second special election. 

Do you live in the 11th or 6th Districts’? If you aren’t sure look up your District /Current State Delegate and Senator by your address. 

Remember there are 14 new House Delegates-Elect taking offices in January and their information has not been added into the system yet. They are:
2nd  District-     Michael Futrell          (D)                 53rd District-    Marcus Simon           (D) 
4th  District-      A. Benton Chafin Jr. (R)                55th District-    H.F. Buddy Fowler   (R)   
6th  District-      Jeffrey Campbell       (R)                 78th District-    J.A. Jay Leftwich      (R)
16th District-     Les Adams                  (R)                 82nd District-   Bill DeSteph Jr.         (R)
19th District-     Terry Austin               (R)                 84th District-    Glenn Davis Jr.          (R)
29th District-    Mark Berg                   (R)                 85th District-    Scott Taylor                (R) 
33rd District-    Dave LaRock              (R)                 93rd  District-   T. Monty Mason        (D) 

The candidates for the January 7, 2014 Special Election are: 

House 11th District
Sam Rasoul                        (D)
Octavia Johnson               (R) 

Added December 13, 2013:

Senate 6th District
- if Delegate Lewis wins this special Senate race, then his House seat for the 100th District will be vacant and a special election for it will be needed
Wayne Coleman                     (R)

Added December 13, 2013:

If you live in either of these two districts and are a registered voter, please read up on the candidates. 

Do you have family members or friends in these districts? 

You should contact the candidate(s) in your district, introduce yourself, tell them what issues concern you and let them know you will be voting on January 7th. Have your family and friends do the same. 

Be sure that your voice is heard on January 7, 2014. VOTE!