Saturday, January 18, 2014

On Monday January 20, 2014 Docket- Virginia Bill SB553: Sex Offender Registry; Notification of Laws

Update January 20, 2014: 

This morning prior to the start of the Senate Courts of Justice meeting I spoke to Senator Marsden and the new Virginia State Police (VSP) Legislative Liaison about this years 5th attempt to get the VSP to disseminate the legal requirements to Virginia’s 20,000+ RSO’s every year in easily understandable terms. 

Senator Marsden asked the Committee “to pass this bill by for the day” as he’s waiting for information from the VSP which means the next time this bill is added to the Senate docket the patron must be ready to sell the bill or it will be “killed” by default for this session. 

The next Senate Courts of Justice hearing will be this Wednesday January 22 in the afternoon and the following hearing will be Monday January 27 in the morning. I will keep an eye on the dockets and unless I need to be down the hall in a House hearing to make an opposition statement I will attend the Senate hearing on SB553. 

If you have not already contacted the members of the Court of Justice Committee asking them to vote “YES” on SB553 when it is finally heard, please contact them today! Their email addresses and phone numbers are listed in the original January 9 post on SB553. 


Original Post:

Virginia Senate Courts of Justice Committee’s docket for January 20, 2014 has Senator Marsden’s great bill SB553 listed to be heard. 

If you have NOT yet contacted your one Delegate and one Senator about this bill please read the January 9 post about the bill and if you support it ask your two representatives to support it today! 

I will be attending the hearing to listen to the discussion but I will not be speaking in support of the bill for the reasons I listed in the January 9 post. It’s too important of a bill to allow the personal opinions against me by some of the lawmakers “kill it” out of spite. 

Thank you! 

Mary Devoy