Monday, April 7, 2014

6 Year Side-By-Side Comparison of Sex Offenses Taken from the Annual Virginia Attorney General’s Office Report on Domestic and Sexual Violence

The newest (2013) annual report was published on-line during the 2014 General Assembly so I had to put it on the back-burner for a bit. 
·       Virginia Attorney General: 2013 Domestic and Sexual Violence January 2014 

I posted about the 2012 report back on November 11, 2013.

This post will compare sexual data from the last 6 reports.

                                        2013 Report       2012 Report     2011 Report      2010 Report      2009 Report       2008 Report
  A. Forcible Sex Offenses-                     4,771                      4,768                     4,687                       4,487                      4,954                       5,009
·          Forcible rape
·          Forcible sodomy
·          Sexual assault with an object
·          Forcible fondling                              
  B. Involved Victims-                             5,903                     5,104                   4,981                          4,779                      5,259                        5,317
             Female-                                        84.6%                      85%                    86.9%                       85.8%                      86%                          87%
             Under 18 years old-                    52%                        61%                    61.3%                       61.5%                      61.6%                         61%
                            (Male & Female)
            Family Members or Intimate                                                                          
                               Dating Partners w/
                                           Perpetrator-    27%                       25%                      24.6%                      29.1%                      30.2%                       28%
            Knew/Acquainted w/their
                                           Perpetrator-    64%                       78%                      72.8%                      71.9%                     72.3%                         71%
     VA-DOC Facilities that Provide
                    Sex Offender Treatment-     16                          16                    Not included        Not included          Not included         Not included
    A. VA-DOC Incarcerated Sexual
                                   Offenders-         Not included            7,800               Not included       Not included          Not included         Not included
    B. VA-DOC Supervised
  (Probation) Sexual Offenders-            3,529                   3,500               Not included       Not included          Not included         Not included
   C. Projected Percentage of Sexual
          Offenders to be Released into
                                     Community-   Not included             5%                  Not included       Not included          Not included         Not included
National Recidivism Risk for Sex
        Offenders over 5 year period-  Not included            13.7%              Not included         Not included          Not included         Not included
Virginia Overall Re-arrest Rate-     Not included             23%                Not included         Not included          Not included         Not included
                                New Offenses-     Not included             609                Not included         Not included          Not included         Not included
              Were Registry Offenses-     Not included            102                  Not included         Not included          Not included         Not included
                  New Sexual Offenses-      Not included          44/1.7%            Not included         Not included          Not included         Not included

For those of you looking for more details, numbers and resources on DOC Sex Offender Treatment Programs, DOC Assessment Tools, DOC Polygraph testing and the number of DOC Sex Offender Probation Officers refer to the 2012 report. 

For more details, numbers and resources on Funding and Grants for Sexual Abuse organizations and Programs, Domestic Violence, Homicides related to Domestic Violence, Handguns used during Domestic Violence, Stalking, Protective Orders, the locations of the crimes committed, the breakdown of arrests v. convictions per legal statute, Victim/Witness Programs and Prevention Campaigns in the Commonwealth click on the link attached to each report above.   

Each years report varies (as you can see from the above chart).  

The 2013 report added a Human Trafficking section but then there were no numbers of cases, victims or convictions from last year. Human Trafficking has been a huge platform at the last 4 or 5 G.A. sessions with countless laws being passed under the guise that Trafficking is a huge industry and plague in the Commonwealth, but yet no numbers for 2013 to back up the need for all these new laws. Maybe we’ll see some numbers in the 2014 report.