Friday, April 18, 2014

Recidivism (Re-offense) Rates for U.S. Registered Sex Offenders: Myth v. Reality - New Page Added Today

I am regularly asked (by reporters) for recidivism data on Registered Sex Offenders because the common misconception is RSO’s have the highest re-offense rate of any conviction. That’s because they’ve heard some Legislators and Victim’s Advocates falsely claim a 100% re-offense rate for far too long. 

Today I decided to make a dedicated page on this topic. 

It is Recidivism (Re-Offense) Rates for Registered Sex Offenders off to the right side under Directory. 

If anyone sees any missing information or links that should be included on the new page please send me an email and I will add the missing details to the page. 

Thank you for following this blog. 

Mary Devoy