Monday, May 26, 2014

50 States: US Registration Laws Overview

Back on April 7 I decided to make a dedicated page on the number one Google search that brings folks to this blog, Traveling as a Registered Sex Offender off to the right side under Directory. 

I had searched the web prior looking at other advocacy groups and organizations sites and also sent email’s inquiring if anyone had a list for those who are traveling and trying to remain compliant, at the time no one did. But I was advised by California RSOL that they were working on something. 

On May 19 California RSOL posted a state-by-state list of statutes and a 50 state comparison to make compliancy a bit easier and perhaps assist RSO’s who are trying to decide if a move to another state would be better, worse or similar to what they are experiencing in their current state. 

It’s not really a list of travel restrictions and regulations but it is the only centralized list of statutes I’ve come across. 

Just remember, these lists are only current for a short time. Each state, each county and each city passes new laws, which could completely change what was posted  on May 19th. There is also the possibility of errors or missing information. 

I noticed one mistake and one missing piece of data on the Virginia list right away so keep this in mind when comparing the states from these lists.