Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Action Item Reminder: Contact Your Virginia Representative this Spring and Ask Them to Sponsor a Bill for 2015

I am regularly asked by readers, what can I do to help? Can I send you a donation? 

I appreciate the desire to get involved and to contribute to the expenses that I take on being a volunteer advocate. 

The best thing you can do for this platform is to contact your two State lawmakers and introduce yourself.  

After you hear back from them ask them about one or two of these proposals for 2015 or 2016.  

If you don’t hear back from them, call their district office and leave a message. Wait a week and if you have not heard back call again, wait another week and call again. 

Let them know you’re a voter, your spouse is a voter and your parents are voters and all of you will be paying attention to what they sponsor and co-sponsor at the 2015 Virginia General Assembly session and if there are any anti-RSO bills at the next G.A. session you’ll be contacting them with facts not myth or fear on why they should oppose such legislation. 

Remember Virginia Delegates runs for re-election every 2 years and Virginia Senators every 4 years. They may be your representative today but in a few years it may be somebody completely different. They come and go, but you’re still a voting constituent. 

Since I began this advocacy I’d estimate that more than 35 of the 140 seats have turned over allowing for fresh ideas, opinions and goals for each of those districts. And I’ve met with almost every one of them and if I haven’t sat down one-on-one with them they receive my email blasts. 

Action, persistence, honesty, facts and transparency will lead to reform………. donations won’t. 


Mary Devoy