Saturday, May 24, 2014

Virginia Governor's School and Campus Safety Task Force: 2013 Report

In late 2012 Governor McDonnell implemented the School and Campus Safety Task Force following the mass shooting in Newtown Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary. Governor McAuliffe has continued the Taskforce in 2014. 

I have been following the Task Force and even attended one meeting last summer to see if “Sex Offenders” were on the agenda or if they were planning to propose any legislation or policy changes for Registered Sex Offenders in the Commonwealth.  I wanted any such proposals to be based on facts not on myth. 

Everything I have read and heard for the last year and a half has been on mental stability of students and staff, allowing unarmed and/or armed Resource/Security Officers to patrol campuses, building infrastructure, escape and emergency procedures, civil liability and future funding. If Virginia Sex Offenders had been part of a discussion of the School and Campus Safety Task Force I had missed it. 

So when I received an email last week from DCJS with the subject Virginia Center for School and Campus Safety: Results from the 2013 School Safety Survey of all schools in the Commonwealth I was a bit surprised to find Sex Offenders in the survey. 

  • On page 32 its background checks for volunteers
  • On page 35 the asterisks for “Other” includes policies for Sex Offenders
This survey isn’t making any recommendations for future RSO policies or legislation in Virginia but you never know it could. So I will continue to monitor the issues and recommendations of the Virginia Governor's School and Campus Safety Task Force.