Sunday, June 15, 2014

Center for Prosecutor Integrity: Innocence Summit 2014, June 20-21 Washington, DC

Center for Prosecutor Integrity: Innocence Summit 2014
Friday June 20 and Saturday June 21
The McPherson Building
901 15th Street Northwest  #700
Washington, DC 20005


Friday, June 20 2014 

9:00 am — 2:30 pm Congressional Staff Meetings 
5:00 pm — Conference registration opens 
6:00 pm — Meet and greet dinner
7:00 pm — Phillip Kuhn: A Vision for Restoring Ethical Conduct to Prosecutorial Practice
Former assistant attorney general for Shelby County, Tennessee; Chairman, CPI Advisory Board
7:20 pmE. Everett Bartlett, PhD: Process of Developing the Agenda for Prosecutorial Reform
7:30 pm — Jim Petro: From Rogue Prosecutor to Minister of Justice: How to Change the Prosecutorial Culture
Former attorney general of Ohio; Author of False Justice: Eight Myths that Convict the Innocent 

Saturday, June 21 2014 

8:00 am — Registration opens 
9:00 am — Gordon Smith: From Allegation, to Exoneration, to Activism: One Man’s Quest for Justice
Victim of repeated wrongful arrests; Libertarian Party Candidate, 30th District, Delaware
9:45 am — Angela Davis, JD: How Defendants Lose the Presumption of Innocence: Perspectives from a Former Public Defender 

WORKSHOPS: 11:00am – 12:00 pm 

A  Summit Room: Bill Bastuk: Building Bridges For Statewide Criminal Justice Reform: Addressing the Pressure Points
Founder and chairman, It Could Happen to You, New York 
B  Center Room: Nancy and Jim Petro: Electing a Just Prosecutor: Citizens’ Guide to Elevating Criminal Justice
Authors of False Justice: Eight Myths that Convict the Innocent 
C  Brian Banks Room: Mara Leveritt: Equipping Reporters to Examine Criminal Justice Issues

12:00 pm — Lunch
12:30 pm — Pat Nolan: Building the Case for Public Support of Prosecutor Reform
Former Member and Leader of the California State Assembly; Director of the Center for Criminal Justice Reform of the American Conservative Union Foundation
1:15 pm – Radley Balko: A Veteran Reporter Speaks Candidly about the Challenges of Prosecutor Reform
Journalist; Washington Post criminal justice reporter 

WORKSHOPS: 2:15 – 3:15 pm 

D  Summit Room: Jeffrey Deskovic: Innocence Denied: The Jeff Deskovic Story
Criminal Justice Advocate and Exoneree 
E  Center Room: Sakeena Farhath, JD: Registry of Prosecutorial Misconduct: Foundation for Policy Reform
Director, Registry of Prosecutorial Misconduct
F  Brian Banks Room: E. Everett Bartlett, PhD and Teri Stoddard: Update on Campus Sexual Assault  

3:45 pmE. Everett Bartlett, PhD: Forum: Developing a National Agenda for Prosecutorial Reform
Member, CPI Board of Directors
4:30 pm — Ronald Henry, JD: Getting Smart on Crime: Reconciling Policy and Politics
Attorney, Washington, DC
5:00 pm — Adjournment
5:15 pm — After-event dinner