Thursday, June 12, 2014

Virginia Delegate Dave Ramadan is Working on a Revised Version of Robby’s Rule for 2015

Many of you may remember a bill during the 2014 Virginia General Assembly nicknamed “Robby’s Rule”. 

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Well late last night a Dave Ramadan email newsletter titled Belated May Newsletter & Community News and Announcement went out to his subscribers and it included this: 

On May 1st, I met with Rob Buswell about HB195, commonly called ‘Robbie’s Rule’. This bill, which I introduced this January in Richmond, would require the Superintendent of State Police to establish and maintain a supplement to the Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry that would include the names of individuals who committed offenses prior to the creation of the original registry. We must make sure that we do everything we can to protect our children against all crimes and especially sexual assaults. However, the bill was not heard due to a disagreement with the Virginia State Police on the cost of implementing this program. I will continue to work with my House colleagues and the State Police to determine the real cost of this proposed supplement and to find a way to fund this addition; and get this bill passed next year. Protecting our children is one of my highest priorities. Join the effort: 

In May on his Facebook page, Robby mentioned his May meeting with Delegate Ramadan so I was already aware there could be a new bill (with a new number) next January, and I’m prepared to oppose it. 

What I learned from last nights Ramadan newsletter is that the Virginia State Police opposed this “supplemental registry”, which is very good news. I’m concluding their opposition is one of the main points I had prepared for my public statement (it’s not just the initial high financial costs) which I never had the opportunity to give as the 2014 bill never made it to sub-committee.  

Earlier this month Robby posted a letter on Facebook written by Marc Klaas of Klass Kids from January 30, 2014 addressed to Delegate Rob Bell, chairman of the Virginia House Courts of Justice Committee.  

Mr. Klaas is known for getting “Three Strikes” legislation passed in California after his daughter was murdered by a convicted felon but NOT by someone with past sexual convictions.  

Just 3 days ago (June 9, 2014) on the Klass Kids blog Mr. Klaas blogged about a Maryland father beating his 15 year old daughter’s teacher with a baseball bat after filing a complaint against the teacher for inappropriate emotional “texts”, it was determined by police that no law was broken so when the teacher showed up at the family’s home, instead of calling the police to get the teacher removed the father decided to take the law into his own hands with some vigilante justice, Mr. Klaas called it “karma”.  Nice!

So now we know that the VSP does not approve of the 2014 version of Robby’s Rule and it's supported by Marc Klaas who lost his daughter in a brutal murder (but not by a sexual offender) who is not only OK with citizens taking the law into their own hands via vigilante justice but blogs about it. 

This is why it’s good to sign up for your Virginia Delegate and Senators email newsletters or if you have access to Facebook, to check their pages once a week. Usually they don’t tip-their-hand on what they are working on or why a proposal failed but once in a while you can learn something you didn’t already know and it may be helpful in the fight against their future proposals. The same with the competition/opposition (for any cause), know what they are posting, what they are claiming as justification and who they are asking to support their cause.

As expected, there could be another version of Robby’s Rule in 2015 and I will be prepared with facts, not myth, not emotion, not fear-mongering and not oppose the legislation and I know you all will assist with faxes, letters, email’s and phone calls to your representatives against such a proposal. 

Thank you for your support!
Mary Devoy