Wednesday, July 23, 2014

And the Virginia Federal Candidates for the November 4th 2014 Election Are….

Back on June 8th I posted about the upcoming Federal elections in November advising you who is retiring, who is running as an incumbent and who some of the party nominees were after the GOP convention and Primary Day. Plus why the Federal Representatives for Virginia matter for this platform (Sex Offender legislation, funding and restrictions) and the process to apply for restoration of rights (voting rights for citizens convicted of felony offenses) in Virginia. 

But even after all of that we did not know who all the candidates were because there was a filing deadline still pending. 

Well, now we know who all the Virginia candidates for Federal seats that are up for reelection this November are. 

First, a few Quick reminders for everyone: 

                There are 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives (Congress) and 100 members of the U.S. Senate.

                November 2014 is not an election year for any of the 140 State Representative seats in Virginia, or the Governor or the Attorney General but it is a year for almost all of our Federal Representatives in Washington D.C.
                Virginia has a total of 11 Congressional Districts/Seats and one of them represents you! Virginia also has 2 Senate Districts/Seats in Washington D.C. and they both represent you! 

                Do you know who your Congress Member is? (Look them up; they’ll be the last one on the page).   

                Members of Congress run for re-election every two years and members of the U.S. Senate run ever 6 years.
                There are two Virginia Congressional Representatives who are retiring: 
1.        James Moran-D                      the 8th District of Virginia
2.       Frank Wolf-R                          the 10th District of Virginia 

                And after the June 10th Primary Virginia Congressman and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s lost the GOP nominee for the 7th District . 

                The remaining Virginia Congressional Representatives all running for re-election this November are:
1.       Robert Wittman-R                  the 1st District of Virginia
2.      Scott Rigell-R                           the 2nd District of Virginia
3.      Bobby Scott-D                          the 3rd District of Virginia
4.      J. Randy Forbes-R                  the 4th District of Virginia
5.      Robert Hurt-R                        the 5th District of Virginia
6.      Bob Goodlatte-R                     the 6th District of Virginia
7.       Morgan Griffith-R                  the 9th District of Virginia
8.      Gerry Connolly-D                   the 11th District of Virginia 

                Of our two U.S. Senators only Mark Warner-D is running for re-election in 2014, Tim Kaine-D only became a U.S. Senator in January 2013 so he doesn’t run again until 2016. 

OK, back to today’s news we know who the candidates are:

The non-incumbent House candidates are:
1st District :
                Norman G. "Norm" Mosher -D
                Glenda Gail Parker - Independent Green  

2nd District :
                Suzanne D. Patrick -D 

4th District :
                Elliott G. Fausz - D
                Bo C. Brown - Libertarian 

5th District :
                W. Lawrence Gaughan - D
                Paul F. Jones - Libertarian
                Kenneth J. Hildebrandt - Independent Green 

6th District :
                William M. "Will" Hammer - Libertarian
                Elaine B. Hildebrandt - Independent Green 

7th District : August 2014-This race has been declared a "Special Election" by the Governor so the winner takes office immediately instead of in January 2015 when all the other winners become Congress members.
                David A. Brat - R
                John K. "Jack" Trammell - D
                James A. Carr, Jr. - Libertarian 

8th District :
                Micah K. Edmond - R
                Donald S. BeyerD
                Jeffrey S. Carson - Libertarian
                Gerard C. "Gerry" Blais - Independent Green
                Gwendolyn J. Beck - Independent 

9th District :
                William R. Carr, Jr. - Independent 

10th District :
                Barbara J. Comstock - R -if Delegate Comstock wins this Federal Election, then her VA House seat for the 34th District will be vacant and a special election for it will be needed
                John W. Foust - D
                William B. Redpath - Libertarian
                Dianne L. Blais - Independent Green
                Brad A. Eickholt - Independent

11th District :
                Suzanne K. Scholte - R
                Joe F. Galdo - Green
                Marc M. Harrold- Libertarian 

The non-incumbent Senate candidates are:
                Ed W. Gillespie - R
                Robert C. Sarvis- Libertarian

Start learning about the candidates in your District, incumbent or new. Know what platforms they support and oppose.

Contact your candidates, introduce yourself, ask them what they think about our current Sex Offender Registry. 

Have your family and friends who live in Virginia do the same. 

Be sure that your voice is heard on November 4, 2014, go vote! 

Mary Devoy