Wednesday, July 9, 2014

August 19, 2014: First of Two Special Elections in Virginia for State Legislature Seats, House 48th and 90th Districts and Senate 38th District, Candidates are Now Known

In June 2014, 3 State Representatives retired/resigned from the Virginia Legislature:
  1. Senator Phillip Puckett  -D           of the 38th District
  2. Delegate Algie Howell   -D           of the 90th District
  3. Delegate Robert Brink   -D          of the 48th District
On July 1st a Special Election date for these 3 Districts’ was announced:
August (19th) special elections set for 2 Va. House seats
Editorial: Virginia special election date flies in the face of democracy, July 4, 2014
The 38th District includes:
-          Bland County (all)
-          Buchanan County (all)
-          Dickenson County (all)
-          Montgomery County (part)
-          Norton City (all)
-          Pulaski County (all)
-          Radford City (all)
-          Russell County (all)
-          Smyth County (part)
-          Tazewell County (all)
-          Wise County (part)
The 90th District includes:
-          Cities of Norfolk (part)
-          Virginia Beach (part)
The 48th District includes:
-          Counties of Arlington (part)
-          Fairfax (part)

Later on July 1st 2014, a Senator retired/resigned from the Virginia Legislature:
-          Senator Henry Marsh     -D           of the 16th District
The 16th District includes:
-          Chesterfield County (part)
-          Dinwiddie County (part)
-          Hopewell City (all)
-          Petersburg City (all)
-          Prince George County (part)
-          Richmond City (part) 
The candidates for the August 19, 2014 Special Election were posted yesterday, they are: 
Senate 38th District
               D.M. “Mike” Hymes                    (D)  
Del. Benton (Ben) Chafin Jr.       (R)  
-if Delegate Chafin wins this August Special Election, then his VA House seat for the 4th District will be vacant and a special  election for it will be needed
Rick A. Mullins                               (I) 
House 90th District
Joseph C. "Joe" Lindsey               (D)  (No campaign website or Facebook page found on July 9, 2014)
Marcus A. Calabrese                     (R)   (No campaign website or Facebook page found on July 9, 2014) 
House 48th District
R. C. "Rip" Sullivan, Jr.               (D)
David M. "Dave" Foster              (R) 
If you live in any of these districts and are a registered voter, please read up on the candidates. 
If you have family members who live in these districts contact them about the candidates and advise them of the date of the August Special Election. 
Make sure your voice is heard on August 19, 2014! 
When more information on the 16th District  election and its candidates becomes available I will post it. 
Mary Devoy