Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1st in Virginia: New Laws Take Effect Today!

As most of you who were following this blog back in January-March 2104 know the 2014 Virginia General Assembly Regular Session and Veto Session has come and gone. 

·         To review the history of the bills that I tracked, supported and opposed during the 2014 session, go here
·         To review bills that I did not track during the 2014 session but were somewhat on topic, go here
·         To learn how a bill becomes law in Virginia, go here 

All bills that passed the Virginia Legislature and were signed by Governor Terry McAuliffe become law today! 

To view the list of the new 2014 laws in Virginia, go here . 

Remember ignorance of a law is not an accepted defense! 

As always, to know what Virginia laws apply to Registered Sex Offenders, you can go here .

There are no new legal compliance restrictions for RSO’s in Virginia for 2014. The only change worth mentioning is a longer process for an RSO to change their name and if they have changed it already they have 3 days to register it with the VSP. 

Not too bad considering the number of bills that were filed in 2014 to restrict RSO’s in the Commonwealth!