Wednesday, August 20, 2014

….And the Winners in the August 19, 2014 Special Election for Virginia House 48th and 90th Districts and Senate 38th District Seats Are……

Back on July 9, 2014 I posted about the 3 Districts (seats) and the Candidates running for these State Legislature seats that were all vacated in June 2014 to be chosen on August 19th in a Special Election. 

The winners of yesterdays Special Election are:

Senate 38th District
                Del. Benton (Ben) Chafin Jr.       (R)    

House 90th District
Joseph C. "Joe" Lindsey                 (D)  

House 48th District
R. C. "Rip" Sullivan, Jr.                  (D) 

The two House districts had previously been held by Democrats and they remain as such. But the Senate seat in the 38th District had been held by a Democrat will now be a Republican. 

Delegate Chafin will now become Senator Chafin and his House seat in the 4th District will become vacant and a Special Election will be needed to fill it in time for the January Virginia General Assembly session. Once a date has been set for this election and the candidates are known I will post the details so readers in that part of the state can do their homework on the candidates before they vote. 

If you live in any of these districts, please contact the winners and introduce yourself. If you have family members who live in these districts ask them to do the same. Let them know you closely follow the annual General Assembly sessions and you will be following how they vote on Sex offender issues, if it’s based on facts or if it's knee-jerk, emotional votes. 

Finally there is a Special Election for State Senator Henry Marsh-D of the 16th District as he retired back on July 1st. I’ve been planning to post about it, we know the date of this election is schedule for the standard Election Day (first Tuesday in November) November 4th 2014 but what we don’t know, is the final list of candidates. Friday August 15, 2014 was the filing deadline for the candidates running in the 16th District but so far the Virginia Board of Elections has yet to post the list (I checked again this morning before completing this post). Once the candidate list is available I will post the details so readers in this part of the state can do their homework on the candidates before they vote. 

Updated August 22nd :