Friday, August 22, 2014

November 4th 2014 Second Special Virginia Election: State Legislature Senate 16th District Seat, the 2 Candidates are……

On July 1st State Senator Henry Marsh of the 16th District retired/resigned from the Virginia Legislature. 

A Special Election to fill the 16th District  seat has been set for Election Day 2014, November 4th when most voters will be selecting their Federal Representatives. 

The 16th District of Virginia includes:
-          Chesterfield County (part)
-          Dinwiddie County (part)
-          Hopewell City (all)
-          Petersburg City (all)
-          Prince George County (part)
-          Richmond City (part) 

The candidates for this Special Election were posted yesterday, they are: 

Senate 16th District:
Delegate Rosalyn Dance               (D)  
                                (Her website domain seems to have been taken by a ballroom dancing blog –August 22, 2014)
If Delegate Dance wins this Special Election, then her VA House seat for the 63rd District will become vacant and another Special Election for it will be needed and it probably won’t occur until after the 2015 Virginia General Assembly session has begun on January 14, 2014 in Richmond, VA. 

               Preston T. "Famous" Brown         (I)
                (Unable to locate a website or a Facebook page–August 22, 2014)                 

The 16th District is mostly Democratic, the reason for no Republican candidate. 

I’m always disappointed when there are elections for Virginia Lawmakers State or Federal and the race is pretty much decided before it even begins. 

If you live in this district and are a registered voter, please read up on the two candidates. 

If you have family members who live in this district contact them about the candidates and ask them to vote in November! 

Mary Devoy