Thursday, August 21, 2014

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe Plans Announcement on Task Force to Combat Sexual Violence at Virginia Colleges

Gov. McAuliffe forms task force to combat sexual violence at Virginia colleges, August 21, 2014

A Portion of the article: 

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is forming a task force to combat sexual violence at the state’s colleges and universities, addressing a problem that has commanded attention this year in Washington and on campuses nationwide.

On Thursday in Richmond, McAuliffe (D) plans to announce the task force and release a declaration signed by himself, state Attorney General Mark R. Herring (D) and 17 public higher education leaders pledging numerous steps to prevent sexual violence and ensure prompt and fair resolution when cases arise. 

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Facts are insignificant in a panic and that’s what the Campus Sexual Assault campaign has become, a moral panic.

I will be monitoring this new Virginia Taskforce closely to know if they are proposing broad sweeping laws that deny due process like The Federal Campus Safety and Accountability Act (CASA)  presuming innocent men (and women) are never falsely accused of sexual misconduct and if accused you’re you MUST be guilty. 

There have been many articles on the Campus campaign going too far and their claim of 1 in 5 females being assaulted as highly questionable.

For more information on the mess of Federal and California Campus Sexual Assault campaigns currently going on see the below articles. Hopefully Virginia will not make these mistakes. 


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