Saturday, September 13, 2014

Legal Do's and Don'ts for Virginia's Registered Sex Offenders

2nd New Brochure
Do's and Don'ts for Virginia's Sex Offenders 
Note: I can email a PDF of this brochure to anyone who wants it, Blogger does NOT allow documents (pdf, .doc, .xls, etc) to be posted- Mary

  • The VSP only posts on-line a 44-page PDF of legal statutes. They do not hand out copies of this PDF during the initial registration or at any re-registrations, they do not mail out this PDF to RSO's who are without Internet (even when asked) and the VSP Compliance Officers do not carry copies of it when they are doing the residence checks.
  • I post the laws here and they are in easily understandable terms, not legal mumbo-jumbo. And I update it if any new laws are enacted on July 1st.
  • For the last 6 years, I've been carrying around, handing out and mailing (when asked) a 6-page Word Document with the full list in easily understandable terms, revised every year.
  • Last week I decided to boil the full list down into a handy tri-fold brochure with the Top 15 laws RSO’s need to know and where to find the rest.
If an ex-Interior Decorator/AUTOCAD Space Planner can interpret 44 pages of legal statutes and turn them into 6 pages of easily understand terms and then into a tri-fold brochure of the Top 15 points so Virginia’s Registered Sex Offenders can follow the laws and remain compliant, why can’t or won’t the State of Virginia do it? 
Mary Devoy