Sunday, September 7, 2014

Photographer Noah Rabinowitz Goes Inside the Tiny Town Built for Sex Offenders

Inside the tiny town built for sex offenders: Photographer captures the spiritual 'safe haven' in Florida where 200 convicted sex criminals and their relatives live side by side, September 7, 2014  By Joel Christie

  • Miracle Village, just outside Everglades in south Florida, was established in 2009 by the late evangelical pastor Dick Witherow
  • Borne out of religion, it is place where registered sex offenders can live without judgement and repent their sins
  • Many offenders find it near impossible to find housing in Florida, where they are not permitted to come within 1,000 feet of children
  • Brooklyn-based photographer Noah Rabinowitz spent three days in the village capturing the people who live there
  • Rabinowitz says he was more interested in capturing a self-governed society, rather than what had brought them together