Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe Announces Significant Cuts and Layoffs for the Virginia Department of Corrections and the Virginia State Police to Fill $346 Million of the $2.4 Billion Deficit Gap



Local prison to close in wake of cuts, October 15, 2014
Delaying the filling of 20 new corrections officer positions that were in this year’s budget and delaying the filling of the nine new sex offender monitoring positions that were in the budget

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Virginia Department of Corrections and the Virginia State Police are taking the biggest hit, see link to full article below. Closing a residential facility and a diversion center will make successful re-entry for former offenders much more difficult.  

I recently made a new proposal on how the VSP could save money in the monitoring/managing of Virginia’s Registered Sex Offenders and it wouldn’t risk public safety or make compliance harder for the RSO’s. The Administration should really consider it! 


McAuliffe announces budget cuts, layoffs to address revenue shortfall, October 15, 2014 

Gov. Terry McAuliffe unveiled a raft of cost-cutting measures Wednesday, including 565 layoffs, in response to a projected budget shortfall which he has blamed mostly on reduced defense spending. 

The steps are intended to address a previously announced deficit of $346 million in the current fiscal year, McAuliffe (D) said in a news conference.  

State employees who will lose their jobs mostly work in the Department of Corrections, where the state will close a prison, a residential facility and a diversion center and delay the opening of a women’s prison. The measures represent $4 million in savings.  

The state will sell a state police airplane, leave 41 trooper positions unfilled and identify another $4 million in “operational efficiencies.”