Thursday, October 2, 2014

Virginia Legislative Goals/ Action Item Page Added Today

For the last 6 years I have maintained a Legislative Goal/Action Item list that continues to grow every year. 

I refer to these proposals as “Good Bills” as opposed to the yearly Bills I fight against (based on myth, fear and hate) at the Virginia General Assembly they’re the “Bad Bills”. 

From the Goal List, I occasionally post Action Items/Alerts on this blog for all of you to act upon.  

In the October 2014 Building a Better Registry Brochure 6 proposals are listed and then at the bottom it directs readers to visit this blog for the full list. 

So today I added a Legislative Goal page off to the right side under Directory so everyone understands what can be fixed through legislation.

If anyone has an ideas for additional goals (and please don’t write to tell me “abolish the registry”) send me an email . 

Hopefully as time goes by some of the goals can be checked off as accomplished. 

Mary Devoy