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Celebrity Lena Dunham Who Loosely Threw Around the Term "Sex Offender" Two Months Ago is Now Being Called Just that for her “Sexual Curiosity” When She was a Child. Is She? According to Most States Criminal Statutes She Would Be and That’s the Problem!


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Tabloid news……celebrity’s sexual goings-on’s…….. and athletes accused or convicted of sex crimes are NOT issues you’ve found on this blog…..until today. 

So why all of a sudden have I decided to write a post with a string of articles about actress and writer Lena Dunham? 

Well first let’s go back to September 2014 when the big celebrity phone hacking scandal of nude-selfies being leaked on-line was going on. 

Lena Dunham one of the many celebrities whose phone/cloud/storage system was “hacked” and she broadly threw about the term “Sex Offender” when speaking about the person or persons who hacked into her files and stole her naked selfies.
and actress Jennifer Lawrence also claimed the photo-hacking spree was “a sex crime
so Ms. Dunham wasn’t the only one to make this clam but she was the one who repeated the term “Sex Offender” over and over again. 

Now….. Fast-forward 2 months to This week…………… Lena Dunham started her book tour for her new memoir Not That Kind of Girl . 

In the book Ms. Dunham reminisces that:
    1. When she was 7 years old, she once examined her 1 year old sister's vagina
    2. That she occasionally masturbated while her 6 year old sister slept in the same bed (they slept together until Lena was 17 years old)
    3. That she would bribe her little sister for her time and affection," offering coins, candy and choice of TV channel to get the younger girl to allow Lena to do her makeup, "kiss her on the lips for five seconds" or have her "relax on me" during TV viewing.
These passages from her own book have resulted in questions, concerns and accusations from many people that Lena Dunham sexually abused her younger sister and is a “Sex Offender” herself. See articles below. 
Now I am not going to dissect the quotes from Ms. Dunham’s book or compare what she did to what constitutes a sex crime per the definitions taken from criminal statutes from state-to-state because over the last 20 years we’ve lowered the standard of guilt so that victims of sexual assault aren’t re-victimized. 

What I am going to say is this: 

Today if a male sibling had done one or ALL three of the above acts (that Ms. Dunham had done) to a younger male or female sibling the likely hood that a teacher, coach, doctor, neighbor or another parent reporting what they had witnessed occurring or had been told about........ the authorities would have been contacted and a criminal investigation would have begun. The outcome of such an investigation could vary significantly from state-to-state.........but could easily end with the older sibling being convicted of a sex crime, serving some sort of time in a facility, being banned from their home/family permanently, being forced to participate in mandatory Sex Offender therapy and being required to register as a Sex Offender either private or publically for 10, 15, 25 years or life. 

Should any juvenile face such possibilities? No they should not. 

But they do everyday in America and Ms. Dunham should have done her homework BEFORE she decided to share her misdeeds in her public memoir because she now is experiencing exactly what thousands of families across the U.S. have faced and will face because of our poorly worded laws that have redefined sexual assault, sexual abuse, rape, carnal knowledge, enticement, incest, object sexual penetration,  indecent assault, obscene display and the exploitation, endangerment or corruption of a child all in the effort to protect victims from testifying and assist prosecutors in getting an easy conviction.  

Now the term “Sex Offender” for Lena Dunham has taken on a whole new meaning and I for one am glad not because I want her to suffer the humiliation and assumption of being a sexual deviant but because her book and the public outcry is creating a conversation about the overly broad meaning of sexual assault and holding juveniles who by law are unable to consent to a sex act accountable for a sex crime and labeling them a Sex Offender for one moment in time when they were 7, 9, 11, 13 or 15 years old for the rest of their life. 

Did she commit a sexual assault or assaults against her little sister? 

Is she a deviant Sexual Predator? 

Should she be labeled a Sex Offender? 

These are all good questions to ask because according to our current laws the answer would be yes and we know if she had been a boy any adult would have treated the situation very differently, but should they?  

Mary Devoy

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