Thursday, December 18, 2014

The 113th U.S. Congress Has Adjourned So All Pending Legislation Has Expired Including the International Megan’s Law HR4573

The 113th Congress (2013 & 2014) adjourned on December 17, 2014 for the holiday season; all members that did not run for re-election or win re-election are packing up.

When the US Congress and Senate members return on January 6, 2015 they and all the newly elected members will be sworn in to begin the 114th Congress (2015 to 2016). 

This means all pending bills (proposed legislation) that did not pass both chambers (US House/Congress and the US Senate) before yesterday have expired.  So any action items for Federal Legislation are no longer active (including the International Megan’s Law) and I have removed the widgets from the right side of the Home page of all the bills to watch.

New Federal proposals with new bill numbers will begin to be submitted in January 2015 (including many duplicates from 2014) the 2015 bills will remain active until the end of 2016 unless they fail the first chamber, fail the second chamber or signed by the President and become law. 

As the new Federal bills are posted in 2015 I will add their widgets with the bill numbers, patrons, title and brief summary to the right side menu but there may be a bit of delay as the 2015 Virginia General Assembly will begin on January 14th and bills here in the Commonwealth will take precedence.

Thank you all for acting on the posted action items over the last year and a half since I began this blog. 

Enjoy a few weeks off from worrying about what our Federal officials are planning to do against you or your loved one. 

In January 2015 there will be two new members out of our 13 total Federal Representatives from Virginia, do you know who your Federal representative is? 


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