Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The First Anti-Sex Offender Bill Robby’s Rule HB1353 of the 2015 Virginia General Assembly Session Posted in LIS Today So Two New 2015 Virginia General Assembly Pages to Watch Have Been Created

Well the first bill that I will be opposing at the upcoming 2015 Virginia General Assembly Session posted about an hour ago. Surprise, surprise it’s the anticipated 2015 version (second attempt) of Robby’s Rule HB1353. This years version (at the moment) is identical to last years version (HB195) which had a $1.69 million initial cost, the fiscal impact for the 2015 version will take a few weeks to post on LIS. With the current $2.4 billion deficit in Virginia, I can not see a million dollar bill passing at th2 2015 session. 

How timely. This editorial from Iowa spells out exactly what Robby’s Rule here in Virginia is intended to do and why it should not become law! Vengeance and Revenge do not equal justice, nor does it make us safer!

Editorial: Expanding sex offender registry is unworkable, December 1, 2014
A retroactive sex offender registry is a bad idea — both for practical and legal reasons.

I will write a post just on Robby’s Rule 2015 it in the next few days (maybe weeks), there is no rush as it seems all the issues with the 2014 version will apply to the 2015 bill unless Delegate Ramadan is waiting for a last minute amendment to be submitted at the House Committee hearing, which could be a real possibility as some Virginia lawmakers tend to do this to throw off the opposition. 

Since this bill posted in LIS today, I went ahead and created the two 2015 G.A. pages (on the right side of the screen) under Directory:
The 2015 Committee page is currently based on the information available from the 2014 session plus the flip in Senate control from this past summer. 

There are 3 Special Elections still to be held in Virginia before the 2015 session begins so the Committee Members page will probably not be finalized until mid-January.  

A little School House Rock anyone? 

Mary Devoy