Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The National Missing and Exploited (NCMEC) Official Bi-Annual U.S. Sex Offender Count Jumped by 44,618 in 6 Months Approximately the Same Growth They've Claimed For the Last 3-4 Years. How Does That Work Out?

Back in June I posted about the National Missing and Exploited (NCMEC) official bi-annual US Sex Offender counts, I was questioning their accuracy for the last 9 years. Early on there were huge jumps, then almost no total growth for 3-4 years (June 2010-716,750 , June 2011-739,853 , July 2012-722,499  and May 2013-751,538 ) while Virginia consistently added an average of 21 new people to our Registry every week and then California’s counts dropped significantly from 2012 to June 2104. None of it made sense!

Well today I found the December 2014 NCMEC Sex Offender Map online http://www.missingkids.com/en_US/documents/Sex_Offenders_Map.pdf and all of a sudden Claifornias counts are back up and actual growth in the total number is shown. 

I wonder what happened from June (774,600) to December 2014 (819,218) for the additional 44,618 RSO (mostly California) in NCMEC’s count. 

Perhaps my post questioning their accuracy?  

We’ll never know. 


Note: I can email the full chart to anyone who wants to see it larger than this; it is just too long to fit on the blog now- Mary