Monday, February 3, 2014

Action Alert: SB384 Effectively Banishing Registered Sex Offenders from Virginia Libraries is on Tomorrows Senate Finance Docket

SB384 -Sex offenses; prohibiting proximity to children at public libraries, penalty is on tomorrow February 4, 2014 Senate Finance docket.

The Financial Impact of this Bill; it is listed as “Cannot Be Determined”.  

I assure you that the costs of SB384, if it becomes law will quickly escalate as it is clearly a civil rights violation.

Our Legislators must consider that any Virginia law which can and will be violated by accident/no intent that an inevitable court challenge will occur. The Virginia Attorney General will be placed in the unenviable position of either determining himself that this law is unconstitutional or fighting for it in the courts, either way I feel very confident it would be a loss for Virginia. 

Simply walking through the front door if a minor is leaving could be determined as approaching within 6 feet. With this bill we have gone from arguably sensible restrictions to the absurd.