Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Massachusetts Supreme Court Says New Sex Offender Law Not Retroactive

A very interesting ruling from Massachusetts (see below articles). 

In Virginia numerous Sex Offender laws that have been passed in the last 15 years were applied retroactively. 

  • The requirement to register as a Sex Offender
  • Civil Commitment of SVP‘s
  • RSO 's who were reclassified from Non-Violent to Violent, which in turn required re-registration 4 times per year with no chance to ever petition for removal
  • Non-Violent RSO’s went from 10 years before they could petition for removal from the registry to 15 years
  • RSO’s being on school and daycare facility property and loitering nearby
  • Attending school sponsored activities (even your child’s graduation or recital) even when held off of school property (a convention center or church)

I- Mass. Court Says Sex Offender Law Not Retroactive, March 26, 2014

BOSTON (AP) — The state’s highest court has ruled that Massachusetts cannot retroactively post information about thousands of registered sex offenders on the Internet. 

The ruling on Wednesday came in response to a challenge to a law passed last July that allowed the state to add Level 2 sex offenders to its online database. The state’s Sex Offender Registry had previously been allowed to make information available online only about Level 3 sex offenders, those considered most dangerous and most likely to re-offend. 

The Supreme Judicial Court did not strike down the new law, but ruled that it could not apply retroactively to sex offenders who had been classified as Level 2 prior to July 2013. 

The court said its ruling would affect about 6,200 Level 2 sex offenders.

II- SJC ruling keeps 6,000 Level 2 sex offenders off state web registry, March 26, 2014