Monday, July 14, 2014

50 States: Classification Systems, Adults, Juveniles, Public v. Private Registries and Duration of Registration

In Virginia legislation has been proposed and passed for many years under the claim its Adam Walsh Act/SORNA mandated. 

Like “tiering”, 15 and 25 years minimum registration (instead of the original 10 and 20 years) and juvenile mandates. 

What states tier based on risk or on the conviction which was probably a plea to a lower offense? 

What states have private registries and who is listed on them? 

I contacted numerous people looking for this data but no one had a complete list.  

So I took a December 2013 ATSA 50 State Level/Tier spreadsheet, I then visited  for all 50 states, then I visited more than half of states registries (where I had missing info) and finally I did an Internet search for states with private registries. 

Below are two charts (too wide to leave as one) for all 50 states:
  1. Which ones have classifications systems for their Sex Offenders and which ones don’t
  2. If they do group the offenders is it Risk-Based or Conviction Based
  3. How long registration is required in each state before petition is allowed
  4. What states have private/authority registries (not on the Internet) and if they do who is included on the private lists
  5. Which ones require juveniles to register or not
  6. And with all of these differences, what states have been certified as AWA/SORNA compliant by the SMART Office
There are a few pieces of missing data (it notes undetermined) that I'm still looking for and hope to fill in soon.