Thursday, July 17, 2014

Columnists and Editorials are Calling on Virginia Lawmakers to Change Virginia Criminal Code so that Teen Sexting Will Not be Charged as Felony Child Pornography

Past posts on the appalling Manassas Teen-Sexting case can be found here:
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Since the warrant to force the 17 year old Manassas minor to be medically injected with a substance to erect his genitalia and then submit to photographs of his erect penis by Virginia authorities has been allowed to expire there have been many editorials written as the 17 year old is STILL facing felony charges of child pornography that carry mandatory minimum prison sentences and a lifetime on the Virginia Registry as a Violent Sex Offender. 

I’ve repeatedly told the current 136 (4 seats are vacant) Virginia Delegates and Senators that it’s time to separate Teen Sexting from our Child Pornography statutes and I asked you to tell them too. 

Well journalists are saying it too!